Logo For About Parent And Kid

About Parent And Kid has a logo now. We did lot of brain storming while designing the logo. Finally we chose flowers.

While researching we found that flowers symbolize love, beauty, happiness, patience, anticipation, friendship, joyfulness, enthusiasm, pride, optimism, innocence, purity, big-heartedness, thoughtfulness,sweetness, cheerfulness, playfulness and many more attritubes which resonate with the many facets of parenting and the bond between the child and a parent. So it had to be flowers.

What I like the most about our logo is the look of content on the parent flower and the playfulness in the eyes of the baby flower. Children look upto their parents, we incoporated that in our logo too.

About Parent and Kid is about the relationships. It is about nuturing the bond, the love we have for our kids.

I hope my readers like the articles. Keep the feedback coming in. Share your stories, experiences, dilemnas. I would love to write about it in my blog.

Happy Parenting!

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