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My Parenting Mantra !

There is not a single definition of parenting. Each parent is different as is the child.  We -a group of mom bloggers thus decided to share our parenting mantras. And you will be amazed to read about the varied views and tips that my fellow mom bloggers have provided in their blogs. So welcome aboard our blog train-My Parenting Mantra. We have some awesome bloggers who are going to drive it for over a month. We Promise to bring you some enriching contents that will add to your own parenting experience.

Parenting mantra

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My parenting style is greatly influenced in the manner in which my parents raised me. However, I learnt that my daughter, who is now 8 years of age, is completely different from me. She has different qualities than me. The parenting process doesn’t have any fixed rules and needs to change depending upon the situations. It is a continuous learning process.

So in 8 years of my motherhood journey, I have developed

My own parenting style and my mantra.

parenting mantra

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Inculcate honesty:

Since the day I got to know about my pregnancy I promised to be honest with my child. Honesty is an essential virtue. And children learn by observing their parents. I always have open and honest communication with my daughter.

Do not pamper:

I am an only child and I have only one daughter. There is a popular belief that an only child is pampered a lot. I wasn’t. My parents never gave in to my unreasonable demands. However, I was always rewarded for my good conduct, achievements and also for my underperformance whenever they felt that I need to be encouraged for putting in my best efforts. I follow the same mantra with my daughter.

Make them fearless:

As a child, I was bullied by other children. This experience stayed with me until I went to college. I would get anxious and apprehensive whenever faced with any challenge. So I taught my daughter to be fearless. I always encourage her to face her fears and I am glad that this has made her a confident child.

Teach them to be independent:

Since my daughter was 5 years old, I encouraged her to brush her teeth, take a bath without my assistance so she can learn the importance of self-hygiene, plus learn to do the routine chores independently. Slowly she developed the habit to do everything independently. Being independent also makes children responsible.

Give them freedom of choice:

Let them choose. Learn to accept their choices. A parent needs to give them the freedom to choose to make them into able decision makers in their personal as well as professional life.

Do We Let Children Choose?

Trust them:

My dad always says this and I have imbibed it as my parenting mantra. You may believe that your child is small and doesn’t understand. However, that is not true. They know a lot, they understand you and they understand the situation so trust them. Offer opinions but do not force your views. Trust their choices and they will turn into responsible adults. Remember they are a generation ahead of you. Always keep a watchful eye but do not impose yourself on them.

And last but the most important one…

Love them unconditionally:

Just love them unconditionally. Provide them with a loving and secure environment. I am sure every parent loves their child the most. But I have also started preparing myself for the inevitable. My child will grow up and one day, ‘leave the nest’. If I love her unconditionally, I will have no expectations from her as my child. I will have to learn to let go and let her explore the world by herself.

No one is perfect and though I aimed to be a perfect mom but the parenting challenges that I face daily taught me that there is nothing like being a perfect mom. My daughter loves me and looks up to me for motivation and inspiration which means the world to me.

Enjoyed reading my parenting mantra? Do share your parenting mantras too and do not forget to read what our next blogger mom Neha who blogs at Sharing Our Experiences has to say about her parenting mantra.

Happy Parenting!

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59 thoughts on “My Parenting Mantra !”

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  2. I agree with what you have written, it is important to make them fearless, confident and independent and also to give them the freedom of choice and not impose all our choices on them. even my parents taught me to make my own choices and I feel I am much more confident because of that. Also loving unconditionally and showing faith are the most important.

  3. Every point that you have mentioned holds so true and is important in its own way. One particular point which I personally loved the most is that we need to give them freedom of choice. we can’t force anything on them. They are also individuals after all !

    1. Thanks Rakhi! I have learnt that from my father. He provided me opportunities so that I to make my own decisions but also take responsibility of those. I guess I am just following his footsteps

  4. I loved every point of this post – make them fearless at the same time do not indulge in over pampering.
    Keep them open to pick their decision and yes support them. Lovely parenting mantra

  5. Really your points on parenting are fabulous. I learnt many things from here. I agree with the point that pampering can spoil a child . Now i will try to do less with my kids. Superb read. Thanks for sharing your mantra with us

  6. Giving kids a freedom of choice is so important! More and more parents are adopting to this technique these days, a thing which the previous generation was scared to do

  7. Loved reading this post.. and Specially your point to give them freedom of choice…This is something really essential to do.. something that would help a child to be independent

  8. Loved reading your parenting mantras, Aesha. I agree, only child is not a spoiled brat as people say. Raising them independently is much needed to boost their confidence and yes, we must trust them . 🙂

  9. Loved reading your parenting mantras dear. And agree with all of them??. You have captured them really nicely. And I specially loved ‘love them unconditionally’ ??

    1. Thanks Neha. I guess we shouldn’t have any expectations from our children at the same time we need not make sacrifices also for them. They will respect us more if they see us as capable successful adults.

  10. totally agree with the ‘make them fearless’ point. My 4 year olds have been threatened tht the dog will come, monkey will come, boogie man will come and whta not and mmy kids rae just not afraid of aanything

  11. Some really cool mantras.
    We need to evolve the mantras with the growth of our kids. These are some universal mantras. Trust, honesty, love unconditionally. Loved the write up

  12. Teaching them honesty is so important. We should always speak truth and inculcate this value in them right from the start.

  13. momtasticworld

    Trusting them and loving them unconditionally definitely works wonders. Beautifully written with really important tips. Thank you for sharing this.

  14. Aesha,I totally agree with all your points. We make our child as we are made up. And still there’s no fixed rule for parenting. It keeps changing with situations.

  15. Trust, love, respect, and at the same time making them independent and giving them.chance to take their decisions makes the whole picture complete.

  16. I wasn an only child till I was 10

    I was not pampered or spoilt at all!
    It’s important to treat our kids a way, that they are ready for life!
    Great post!

  17. Trusts and love are two pillars of upringing. Without these two you can make a good human being for future. Children are so innocent and they don’t really take well when we do not trusts them. It’s the biggest gift we can give to our kids if we just love then unconditionally and show them that we have faith in them.

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