Mathematics – How To Learn Online Effectively From Experts

“The mathematician does not study mathematics because it is useful; he studies it because he delights in it and he delights in it because it is beautiful.”

I read this quote and wondered how can a subject involving numbers, equations, computations be beautiful?

I have always dreaded math as a subject. And I haven’t been really able to help my daughter study math. Thankfully her school teachers made sure that all her doubts are always cleared and she doesn’t falter in grasping the important concepts.

However, currently, during this lockdown situation wherein she doesn’t have access to classroom teaching, my role as a teacher of mathematics has increased. And it is difficult. And I am sure parents across the world will agree with me. This compulsory situation of homeschooling that has been thrust upon us is overwhelming.

It is not only difficult for parents but also for kids. It is a situation which we weren’t prepared for, yet we need to adjust and accustom ourselves to this new normal.  And any help or external support is the need of the hour.

Effective learning requires assistance and it is difficult for parents to manage time with the current work from home situation along with managing household chores.

Most of the times, I relied on my friends to help my daughter with her doubts in mathematics if the teacher is unavailable but currently, I cannot depend on them and I started looking for help online. I found many resources and choosing one was also quite a task. After a lot of research, I found Cuemath to be suitable for our needs.

What is Cuemath

CueMath which is a learning platform for particularly Mathematics subject from kindergarten to 10th grade. They focus more on developing aptitude & mathematical thinking which is an essential skill that will give any child an edge. Cuemath provides a Live session between a single teacher and a student so the student gets 3 times more attention.

Courses At Cuemath

Kindergarten to 6th Grade: Online classes till this lockdown and Covid-19 with certified Cuemath teachers when all will be settled down then it will be shifted to offline classes depending upon the parent interest.

7th to 10th grade:  Online classes with certified Cuemath teachers.


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Why Cuemath


 Presence of Expert:

 Cuemath provides a teacher who is there to guide & oversee your child at every step you do right or wrong then it will be easy for your child to understand what he/she needs to do more and which mistakes they should never make again. A teacher will ensure that your child understands their strengths and overcomes their weaknesses.


Curriculum developed by experts from IIT and Cambridge


Creative methods of learning Mathematics:

Cuemath method empowers children to learn math by reasoning and visualization instead of memorizing. The method makes learning quick and permanent as the teacher uses various teaching-learning techniques which makes practising with a teacher is 5 times more effective. Cuemath students get their doubts cleared within 3 mins and giving your child personalized attention will help them to be one step ahead.

Make your child’s screen time more productive by enrolling with Cuemath.

Effective learning at home:

Cuemath understands the importance of continuation of studies of your child in these times of crisis due to the CoronaVirus and therefore have launched Access Online Curriculum for Free campaign which will enable free access to all non-enrolled children around India to access our Leap Course free and sitting at home until we have Lockdown.

India’s first unlimited practice platform:

Cuemath is offering free access to the curriculum which includes exercises on every topic. This provides a lot of practice for students.

Get Free Access to the worksheets:-


Summer Camp & Coding at Home:

Summer Camp 2020 will feature 12 hrs worth of content to be done in 12 sessions (60 mins each).

Activities divided grade-wise K-2, 3-5, 6-8 & conducted using the Summer Camp books.


Enrolling your child in the Cuemath program will help them utilize their time at home in a fun and engaging manner and making your life easy.

Book Your Free Demo And I Am Sure Your Child Will Thoroughly Enjoy Learning With Expert Teacher In The Comfort Of Your Home.

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Stay At Home and Stay Safe!


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