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20 Healthy Mom Habits To Imbibe

Healthy Mom Habits

No elaborate discussion, just a few pointers. Take a look. A quick read about healthy habits moms should imbibe in their lifestyle.

A reminder for moms.

  1. Be calm. Do not give in to anxiety and worry. Practice deep breathing exercises to stay calm.
  2. Find an outlet for your anxieties. Do what you love. Pursue your hobbies.
  3. Read daily, at least for half an hour, if you cannot pitch in more time.
  4. Write down your thoughts daily. It’s liberating.

  5. Commit in moderation.  You can’t be everywhere and can’t do everything at the same time, accept it. So do not over commit yourself to any task.
  6. Make self care a priority and think about yourself. It’s not being selfish.
  7. Never compare yourself or your parenting style with other moms.
  8. Keep away from gadgets at least one day during the week.
  9. Do not live with the fear of being judged.
  10. Do not judge other moms.
  11. Keep away from negativity and such people.

  12. Focus on the relationship with your partner. He is called a ‘partner’ for a reason. Do not ignore your marriage for domestic duties.
  13. Eat healthily. Eat with family and not after feeding them. Eat when hungry. Do not eat the food left out by your children.
  14. Take adequate rest.
  15. Do not rush around to complete tasks. Do it at a comfortable pace.
  16. Exercise daily. It releases all negative energies and keeps your body and mind healthy.

  17. Learn something new. Enrol yourself in a dance or a music class.
  18. Take up a sport.
  19. Go on a girls night out with your friends at least once a month.
  20. Solve puzzles, to stay mentally alert.

healthy moms

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I am sure involving yourself in these habits will help a lot, but still, if you need to release your stress, you should speak to a therapist. It feels good to share and get an expert opinion.

My healthy mom mantra is, ‘You can’t please everyone, so just please yourself.’

What’s yours?

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32 thoughts on “20 Healthy Mom Habits To Imbibe”

  1. Agree with each one of these, Aesha. And loved the last mantra – you can’t please everyone. I have started giving up too on things and pleasing people. Now I please myself first. 🙂

  2. Given how my last week has gone, I really feel every point you have listed was written for me. Honestly, just reading it has made calmer and realised I need to give myself a break. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Needed these reminders, actually I need such reminders every now and then, life gets too overwhelming and we moms tend to overdo everything for the sake of our family. Thanks for writing this. I am going to follow point 8 from this week, need to keep the gadgets away for a while to rejuvenate oneself.

  4. Great reminder post! So many things that have taken a back seat because – mommyhood ? I am going back to my puzzles and sudoku . Thanks again for this post

  5. This is a great list!! ?

    I am an anxious person and I do have to remind myself every time that worrying gets nothing done. There are also a lot of stuff I want to do like to finish a blog post or to make a doodle yet days pass without me being able to do anything. Thank you for #15, reminds me that it’s okay to do things at my pace.

    I also agree so much about not comparing parenting styles and not to judge other moms. ?
    Our children are different and thus one’s parenting might not work on everyone.

    1. We tend to get anxious. Parenting these days is tough. With so many things to be careful about since children are exposed to so much information & technology. However as moms we need to reflect on our every move so that it doesn’t affect our physical & mental well being. Thanks for reading my post. I am glad you found it useful. Do visit my blog again

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