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Bee Tee’s Melt Chocolates – A Delicious All Natural Chocolate

Bee Tee’s Melt Chocolates:

I love dark chocolates. I enjoy trying out new flavours and chocolate brands. Recently, I was introduced to a new brand  ‘Bee Tee’s Melt’.

They manufacture 3 varieties of Chocolates.

72% Dark Chocolate : 

Ingredients of which are Cacao beans, palm sugar, cocoa butter

54% Coconut milk Chocolate : 

Ingredients of which are coconut milk, cacao beans, cocoa butter, coconut sugar

48% Milk Chocolate : 

Ingredients of which are cacao beans, brown sugar, cocoa butter, milk

What I liked:

I tried out all three and liked the unique flavours. These chocolates do not taste like any other chocolates that I have tried until now. And I have tried most of the brands that are available worldwide. Though I have not travelled much; my father has, and he always brought local brands of chocolates from all the places he visited because I enjoyed eating them. So, I have tried many unpopular brands and many non-branded chocolates as well. 

I think the reason why Bee Tee Melt’s chocolate has this amazing unique taste is that it’s all-natural and vegan as well. 

Bee Tee’s Melt chocolates are also completely handcrafted, gluten-free, 100% Preservative free, Refined sugar-free and Soy free. 

My Review: 


72 % Dark Chocolate:

Bee Tee’s Melt 72 % Dark chocolates contain palm sugar which is unrefined sugar. Palm sugar is known to be rich in vitamins and minerals. I like that Bee Tee’s Melt uses it as a substitute for the white refined sugar. 

Most of know that dark chocolates are healthy, but Bee Tee’s Melt 72 % dark chocolates are healthier because it contains palm sugar which has a low glycemic index. 

54 % Coconut Milk Chocolate: 

One needs to have an acquired taste of coconut to enjoy Bee Tee’s Melt 54% Coconut Milk Chocolate. This chocolate contains coconut milk and coconut sugar so it tastes quite different from other coconut flavoured chocolates as well. Coconut sugar is also a healthier substitute for refined sugar. However, that doesn’t mean you can consume too much of it too. Any type of sugar should be eaten in moderation. 

I do not particularly like coconut flavoured chocolates but my daughter enjoyed this one. So, yes we didn’t fight over it. 

48% Milk Chocolate: 

Most of the milk chocolates are loaded with sugar. So, I will go for Bee Tee Melt’s 48 % Milk chocolate over any other for sure. I am a person who can even eat 90% dark chocolate so I really liked 48 % milk chocolate because I find all other milk chocolates too sweet for my taste. 

So, if you enjoy dark chocolates more but sometimes crave milk chocolates, try Bee Tee’s Melt. Though unique and different, I loved the after taste that this milk chocolate leaves after eating it. 


I am craving it after writing so much about it, so I am ordering another batch right away. 

Bee Tee’s Melt is a bean to bar chocolate brand, that you should try if you are a true chocolate lover like me. You can order the chocolates online too.


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