T Is For Travel #DecodingMidlife

Travel – To go from one place to another, take a trip; journey.

Midlife can become a period of discontent that can produce feelings of boredom, doubt, anger, and unease. Midlife crisis brings along feelings of anxiety, stress, restlessness and regrets of missing out on things.

So, would you know what works best to get out of it?

 I just found out and that is yes, Travel.

Here’s how:

Trying new things:

Travel gives you an opportunity to seek new experiences. Trying something new while you are young comes naturally. But not so in midlife. So, travel and meet new people, try new food and seek new challenges.

Solo Travel

Go for solo travel. I am doing that next month and am super excited. Being with yourself can be a refreshing change and will bring you closer to yourself.

Age is just a number

There is no age to travel. You must have seen so many retired couples travelling alone and enjoying their time in the company of each other. Ageing and travel are not related. Rather come to think of it, there will be less of packing without kids.


There is so much to learn while you travel and explore new places. And an opportunity to learn at midlife through a travel experience can be so satisfying.

Find your true calling

Travel gives you a time to introspect. You can take time off and find comfort in the unknown environment. If you are facing a midlife crisis and are unsure of what you want from life, I am sure travel will help put things into perspective. Find your true calling by travelling.

Forget your miseries

A change of environment for a brief period might help shun negative thoughts. While going through midlife, one might get disturbed by the transition and I feel at that moment travelling would provide a relief from the uncomfortable circumstances. It gives a chance to think rationally and also forget all your miseries.

I have my Midlife Travel bucket list for the next few years ready. And here is it:


Pondicherry is the quiet little town on the southern coast of India. I plan to visit Pondicherry with my friends – a girls only trip which I am super excited about as its planned for this year itself.


London is one foreign country which has been on my bucket list for the longest time. I hope I get a chance to check it off soon.


It’s my wish to celebrate my wedding anniversary in Paris. The sooner the better.

Kailash Mansarovar

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not because people in their midlife turn spiritual that I want to visit Kailash Mansarovar. I want to visit because I am sure along with it being a spiritual journey it is going to be a life-changing one as well. Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar is the most exquisite natural beauty in my opinion.

Few travel quotes which I liked the best:

“The World is a book and those who don’t travel read only a page” –Saint Augustine

“Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit” – Frank Borman

“The best education that I have ever received is through Travel” – Lisa Ling

18 thoughts on “T Is For Travel #DecodingMidlife”

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  3. Solo travel and all girls trip is on my wish list since so long. I hope I can make it happen soon. Either way, travel is the answer to do many of life’s questions. To find yourself, sometimes you have to lose yourself in a new place!

  4. Kailash Mansarovar is on my list too. Solo travelling is my another dream which i am not sure will come true. Age is really just a number, but only when we accept. Otherwise it can create miseries. 😛

  5. Bon voyage! I hope to travel more, but my husband does not like to. This is funny because when we are home, I am the one who does not like to leave the house while he is in and out all day on many adventures.

  6. Inspired by you, I will make my midlife travel bucket list now.
    Have been toying with the idea of solo travel but have not taken the plunge yet. Another to do here for me.
    Wish you a very happy maiden solo trip to Pondicherry. Hope we will get to read about in future posts from you!

  7. Nice places you have mentioned Aesha! I would love to see the pristine beauty of Kailash Mansarovar. Solo travel, I have never dared to, and I am not sure if I will ever. I don’t like to do things alone. But, do let me know about your experience if you ever try solo traveling. Happy holidays to you in Pondicherry!!

  8. I have never been a fan of traveling in the sense of seeing new places, but i do love to get away from city life a few times a year and enjoy quiet time in the lap of nature. Kailash Mansarovar does sound exquisite. Do blog about it, if you visit.

    As you say, going to new place inspires ideas, in my case, for my stories, like the story about the tiger I wrote after going to Ranthambore.

    1. Absolutely Kanika , I will write about my trip. Hopefully I get to visit soon. Travel helps one unwind.

  9. Travel is exciting. When you know we are traveling the first things that comes to our mind is packing and then shopping. Cleaning the house and writing a list to bring back. I wish to travel solo. But not sure how and when.

  10. true. travel can be life changing. my all girls trip taught me that. your post has inspired me to take up some travel plans this year. I wish i had the guts to do solo travel. Pondi is on my list too.

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