Tips while travelling with kids

I wanted to share my experience of travelling with kids and wanted to write about what parents should be careful about when travelling.

Points that first came to my mind were

  • Put all relevant documents
  • Put all medicines
  • Take travel insurance as it covers baggage loss and medical insurance too.
  • Pack some snacks
  • Plan activities for kids so they do not get bored
  • Travel with friends who have similar aged kids


But then I wondered all parents are conscious about all this, so how is my article different and what did I do differently that could be of help to others. Not sure if it’s different but this points surely helped us to have a relaxed and enjoyable trip without any outward incidents or hiccups.


So here is the list.


  • Take more time

While travelling with kids, take more time. They do not understand the time pressures of travel, they would want to explore at their own pace. Also account for tantrums, toilet stops, stalling etc. on your time.


  • Pack few clothes in hand baggage

Considering there could be delays in flight timings or loss of baggage etc at the airports, pack a few clothes in hand baggage as well for any contingency.


  • Give the child a camera

More than getting their pictures clicked, kids love more to click pictures. You could give them camera and encourage them to observe their surroundings and take pictures of whatever interests them.


  • Keep some family games ready

Alphabet games or card games are fun at time of journey. Keep family games that your child likes to play handy at time of travel.


  • Encourage them to keep a travel journal

Encourage your child to maintain a journal. They could list all places they visited, draw the places visited and write about their travel experiences.


I am sure everyone has various travelling experiences and lists of do and dont’s while travelling. Share your experiences too by putting in comments.





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