I Enjoy My Job! #WriteBravely

“In every job, that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and -snap! The job’s a game!”

-Mary Poppins

Can’t agree more with Mary Poppins. I have tried to do multiple things and various jobs in my life. But I never stuck to it and was never driven enough to pursue it with dedication. Finally, I found blogging and I enjoy it. Participating in the writing challenges is sometimes very exhausting. We need to think about topics to write daily. Creativity doesn’t come on a whim. But an idea might just click. That is when you need to grab the pen and note down. It could be in the middle of the night while you are asleep. That happens to me. I guess it is because I enjoy the entire process so much.

I am writing this post while I am out for a mini holiday and I have the mesmerising Arabian Sea against my writing desk. So much that I want to enjoy the view which will just go away as the sun sets, here I am writing away for the Write Tribe Festival of Words. The reason for the same is that last year this was my first every blogging challenge participation and a huge learning experience for me. But most importantly, it was a challenge which was fun. Initially, I was a bit worried as I had never attempted to write consistently for seven days but as I started writing, I had the most enjoyable experience ever. I loved the pressure of prompt-based writing daily as well as it wasn’t a task but giving me immense creative satisfaction. Once I found that fun element the job was done.

So keep visiting my blog daily and join in the fun.


21 thoughts on “I Enjoy My Job! #WriteBravely”

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  3. I can see that your enjoying your blogging journey as it is much evident from your musings, Aesha. Keep writing and shower us with your reflections. Wishing you a very happy “Write Tribe’s Festival of words”.

  4. I can totally relate to this post. I have held a lot of positions too. But writing is the only job that gives me true solace. 🙂 Loved the image you posted on Twitter. Hope you had a nice short-vacay. I am the most creative when it rains. Wish you lots of luck for the remains of the challenge. Look forward to reading more exciting posts from you.

  5. Agree with you Aesha, such challenges and contests are fun. I started writing my random musings 10 months back and after participating in a writing challenge, I got a whole new picture about what blogging is all about. Writing on prompts, finishing before deadline is fun and helps you think out of the box and grow 🙂

  6. “Initially, I was a bit worried as I had never attempted to write consistently for seven days” it is difficult to believe these words from a blogger who completed A-Z Challenge.. Hope you enjoyed your vacation

  7. You are right. Such challenges make up think out of the box. It’s a good exercise for those brain cells. Prompt based writing is exausting but it gives me a feeling of satisfaction and a room to grow as a writer.

    1. Yes Akshata .. right now multiple things are going on but I do not want to miss this challenge at all

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