6 Habits I Quit For A Healthy And Fit Body.

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It’s never too late to start your quest towards quitting habits which stop you from having a healthy and fit body.

Speaking from my personal experience first thing I quit for a healthy and fit body was

To compare me with others

I believe ‘Mind controls the body’. So first and foremost was to love my self. I stopped comparing myself to others. Earlier I would feel incompetent and would keep accessing myself. I stopped doing that a few years ago and my body responded. Once I had control over negativity, I started feeling energetic.

Next up came

To give up driving or taking public transport for short distances

I have realized you need not take drastic steps while setting up fitness goals. Start small. I had this habit of driving to the grocery store. I quit it. I started walking. Sometimes I even took the stairs rather than taking the lift. Such small steps helped me to give up my next habit.

Giving up on aerated drinks

Though I couldn’t give up on pizzas and burgers, I gave up on aerated drinks. Yes, not completely but the frequency has greatly reduced. I am not a saint, I accept it. I am a person who has weak moments. So, it has reduced to once monthly sometimes even less. My calorie consumption greatly reduced.

Once you start taking steps towards having a healthy body and once your body starts showing results, you are motivated to try harder. It will now be easier to give up on those habits which seemed very difficult to give up earlier.

Which for me was

To switch off the gadgets (the idiot box primarily)

I had got so addicted to the idiot box (Television for me is this now) that I had disturbed sleep. I realized that eating healthy and exercise are not the only two things to being fit and having a healthy body. Sleep is a very critical factor as well. So, I do not watch television two hours prior and switch off the mobile half an hour prior to my sleep time.

This habit helps me immensely. More than my exercise routine as well. I have very sound seven- hour sleep now. I do not require an alarm clock to wake me up. I sleep by 10:00 p.m on most of the weekdays and wake up at 5:30 a.m feeling fresh.

That leads me to the most difficult habit television would make me hungry. That is when all the self -control tactics would go out of the window and I would eat the fried snacks and suddenly start craving for something sweet. However, having timely dinner, giving up television and regular sleep time made this habit immaterial.

Quitting a few habits which were affecting my mind and body made me a positive person.

Gave up on setting unrealistic goals

As I quit these habits it made me a stronger person. It made me confident as well. Now I had realistic life goals. I realized its fine to fail. It’s fine not to be perfect. It’s fine if I make mistakes. I started writing my goals from a different perspective. I accepted myself with my weaknesses. I decided to build on my strengths.

That is also when I decided to follow a regular exercise routine and currently am enjoying CrossFit training a lot. Read about it as well and do share your fitness stories with me.

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This post is part of Get Fit, Stay Fit blog party with Bon Happetee. I would like to thank my online fitness blogger buddy, Zainab from Slim Expectations to introduce me. Zainab’s blog is the one which I regularly follow for all fitness related tips. Do click on the link above and find out about exercises that can be done at home.

Also, I take this opportunity to introduce Anami who blogs at Anami’s Pensieve. Read her post on exercise tips for working moms. She also has an entire book written on easy workouts which can be done at home. I have tried those and it works wonders.

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38 thoughts on “6 Habits I Quit For A Healthy And Fit Body.”

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  2. Very nice post, taking care of yourself is equally important for all women, I make sure I get some tike for me, water yoga makes me happy and keep me fit. And yes I make sure to avoid packed ready to eat food.

  3. All of these are such valid points Aesha. I totally agree with the ditching public transport/vehicle for short trips. I beleive I gained a lot of weight after I got a driver !

    1. Yes, but sometimes we have to give convenience priority as well. So it’s fine. Do whatever suits you. Mommies have very less time on hand.

  4. I really do identify with all the points I have mentioned but the most striking one is the first one you have mentioned which is self-esteem. If we stop comparing ourselves with others and set our own goals that is half the battle.

  5. Loved how you’ve elucidated how starting small with realistic fitness goals can get you the best returns. Specially with choosing to walk, giving up TV & screentime before bed are great steps to begin with. Something that all of us are capable of.

  6. You have touched on the psychological aspects of embarking on a fitness journey. Different set of thoughts especially the one about television and gaining confidence.

  7. Ditto, I couldn’t agree more. Esp the idiot box. It used to kill my sleep time invariably as many days I would just want to binge watch.I do end up driving small distance though I always take stairs.

  8. Thanks a lot Aesha for introducing me on your blog. And…Wow !! Such a realistic post Aesha !! All the habits you mentioned are really a big problem nowadays. For aerated drinks i am with you 😉 lol. Will soon try to avoid them more. *fingers crossed*

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  10. Wonderful tips Aesha and you have totally nailed it. I have tried few of these tips and they totally worked. Great post!

  11. Thanks Aesha, for the kindest words. ( music to my ears)
    I love your determination and the will to give priority to sleep and healthier factors.
    I’m without diet cola for a month now.
    Thanks for always seeing the next in me!

    Happy to be a part of this blog hop.

    1. Thanks Zainab !! You are doing so well. It’s not easy to give up a habit or should I call it an addiction. You are super strong!! Keep going.

  12. After reading your post, I have realized I have actually stopped aerated drinks, I walk short distances don’t take a rick..and because of my daughter have stopped watching ‘The Idiot Box’. Wow..Great tips for fitness and body.

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  14. Many people pay attention to physical fitness and well-being but as you’ve pointed out nicely, mental and emotional well-being by not comparing ourselves and setting realistic goals is equally important.
    Small changes can go a long way. Good post, Aesha!

  15. Getting healthy , and staying that way, starts with the mind. Your helpful post and sensible pointers have proved just that.

    Small changes indeed go a long way, Aesha and you have enunciated that perfectly. A very inspiring post.

  16. Midnight snacking and late night screen time had become a big problem for me too. I’m trying to cut down on the late night junk food but screen time is a tough one. I get time only after N goes to sleep, either to catch on blog work or relax and watch some TV. But I’m tying to keep my phone away during the day at least

  17. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

    Wow such a beautiful post Aesha. and I agree with all points. especially compare with others, is a common emotion that we all tend to do unconsiously. and this thing effect our mental and emotional well being. I had read your fitness journey on zainab’s blog too, and it is really really inspiring. thanks a lot for sharing these valuable tips, I am sure will help a lot others.

    1. Thanks a lot Surbhi. I am glad my experience and learnings resonated with you. And am supremely thrilled that my fitness journey is inspiring. Makes me strive harder to achieve my fitness goals . Thanks a lot

  18. Aesha, I had thought I had read it all, but when I read your post I realised that how everyone’s thoughts and realisations are different. So loved reading your post – yes, you have to set your own goals, no comparison but what you think your mind and body can do and I so agree on aerated drinks, walking short distances.

    1. I am so glad that you found something different about my thoughts. You are right , everyone will have their own experiences and learnings through it. That’s why when you suggested this topic , i knew what I was going to share.

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