Hello Readers,

I’m Aesha Shah. Mother, Blogger, Explorer, and a voracious reader, all by a matter of choice. While there are plenty of mediums to address all sorts of issues, I bring to you a simple platform to just be and share our experiences which will not only enrich but also may guide some of us at some point. While the website in itself is in a self-trajectory mode, I also continue to actively blog on the matters that concern and interest the generic approach.

I am a teacher by qualification and hold a masters degree in commerce but decided to be a SAHM to be with my daughter in her formative years. I set up my blog in 2016 to share my experiences as a parent and to interact with other parents through my writings.

As they say, change is the only constant, I too thought of accepting this universal law & move on to something that not only covers parenting, but is also encompassing to every aspect that you & me relate to – be it parenting , health, fitness, education or simply put to share all pearls of wisdom that we often learn along the way,  but of course, not limited only to these. So here I am, presenting this platform for a simple tete-a-tete where like-minded sound individuals like us can simply connect.  Aesha’s musings is all about my experience as a mother, daughter, wife, friend, companion, the partner in crime and each of that facet that all of us will identify with.  So feel free to share your experiences, opinions & a lot of motivational inputs!



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