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5 Steps To Make A Successful Career Change

In the last post, I shared my insights on why its fine to change careers at any age and as promised I am back again with a constructive plan to help you make the move.  There could be multiple reasons a person is not satisfied in the current job profile or career and looking for …

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career change

Why It’s Fine To Look For A Career Change At Any Age

Career change at any age? Is it the right thing to do, you may ask. When I took a break from my career as a teacher, it was a temporary move. I had never thought I won’t be going back to my profession after a sabbatical of a couple of years. However, the couple of …

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pushing boundaries

What does ‘Pushing Boundaries’ Mean To You?

‘Pushing Boundaries’ – What does it mean to you? Are you comfortable moving out of your comfort zone? When and what was it that you did which was challenging for you and yet you attempted it? These are some of the thoughts that led us to have ‘Pushing Boundaries’ as the topic for the  ‘ …

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Pranayama For A Healthy Life

Pranayama for me, is a workout for mental health. I have always been a hard core gym person. Regular strength training supported me to build physical strength. But during the pandemic, regular practice of Pranayama helped me de stress and regain the lost enthusiasm in life.  As we know, International Yoga Day is celebrated on …

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V Is For Vulnerable

V Is for Vulnerable My childhood experiences taught me that I need to hide my weakness otherwise I will be bullied. You know when you are a group of friends with an odd number count and you are the one no-one wants to pair with. This happened a lot with me during my childhood. Also …

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dark chocolates

D Is For Dark Chocolates

D Is For Dark Chocolates I love chocolates and I have an anecdote about my love for chocolates which I would like to share. It was when I was a teenage girl that my father had just started travelling abroad for work. So, both of us were pretty excited about this new phase in our …

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C Is For Create

C Is For Create Creating something gives unparalleled joy, a feeling you haven’t experienced before and if it’s something you haven’t tried before it is the best feeling ever. In the past one year, I have been trying to create a space for students with my career counselling venture EduCareer Guide wherein I encourage them …

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B Is For Breathing

B Is for Breathing I was very anxious the entire day yesterday. I am supposed to travel to Ahmedabad from Bengaluru tomorrow and needed to get RT-PCR test done. And since I travelled back from Coorg only yesterday, there was no way I could get the test done earlier. Entire afternoon was spent yesterday looking …

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A Game Of Badminton

A for A game of badminton. I was contemplating since so many days about what should my very first post be. I kept thinking but couldn’t find anything to write about that had given me so much joy worth mentioning. Then finally today, I had the perfect idea while on vacation playing a game of …

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Theme Reveal – Bundles Of Joy #BlogchatterA2Z

My theme for #BlogchatterA2Z challenge is pretty simple. In the past few weeks I have come to realise that life presents daily opportunities for us to be happy. Those simple things such as watching the sunrise, reading a short story, doing a happy dance , making a bit of a progress in practicing a yoga …

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