‘Decoding Midlife’- My Debut Ebook Now Published.

When I started blogging, I had never imagined even in my wildest dreams that I will ever be a published author. But within a period of three years, I self-published my ebook ‘Decoding Midlife’ all because of the encouragement of my readers, friends and family. I can’t thank you all enough. This has been possible only because you came back to my blog every time I published a blog post. It is because everytime that comment which mentioned, ”Yes, that is true. I can resonate with you” made me pour my heart out through my words. This is what has always kept me going and here I am presenting to you, ‘Decoding Midlife – which is not only my ebook but a medium to share my dreams, aspirations, hopes, belief, ambitions from the middle years of my life.

Writing this book has been an enriching and moving experience for me. I explored various facets of my personality which were unknown to me as well.

‘Decoding Midlife’ is the successful outcome of my first ever participation in the A To Z Challenge (2018). And I have to thank Blogchatter for helping me publish my first e-book.

Self- publishing my book makes me feel not only happy but I feel empowered as a writer as well. After being a published author I can now manifest my dreams to touch more hearts through my writings. It’s a proud feeling for me when I see my Authors page on GoodReads website.

Do visit my Authors Page here: Aesha Shah and share your opinion on my book which can be downloaded with a click on this link: Decoding Midlife.

Thank you

Happy Reading!


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