5 reasons my daughter is my greatest joy

Sleepless nights, crying, feeding woes, weaning and numerous other growing up challenges came my way while raising my daughter. When I look back today though I do get scared sometimes but when I ponder, I think the smile and the giggle of my daughter got me through.
Since the day I conceived I never doubted that I won’t give birth to a girl child. I don’t know whether it was the motherly instinct or faith but I gave birth to a daughter. She became my greatest joy.

Today after she is 7, here are few reasons of the numerous ones why she is the greatest joy of my life.

**The foremost and the most important reason of why I feel my daughter is my greatest joy is because she gave a purpose to my life. Until she was born, I wasn’t very focused about what I want to do in my life. I studied, got degrees, and became a teacher. I was enjoying being a teacher so I thought I have found my calling. Then I gave it up to raise my daughter and again lost my direction. But when I started sharing my experiences as a mother by blogging, I enjoyed it a lot and though I always used to write journals since childhood, I never believed that could be my chosen career path. So I credit my daughter for giving my life a purpose and a moment to look forward to every day.

**My daughter is my greatest joy as she taught me to be more loving, caring and tolerant. I learnt many life skills by raising her.

**My daughter is my greatest joy as she brought me more close to my husband. Until she was born we were friends, life partners and now we are parents. When you become a parent and share parenting duties, you actually realise each other’s worth. My daughter gave me that joy of co-parenting.

**My daughter is my greatest joy as I feel complete as a woman now.

**My daughter makes me a very proud mother and that is my greatest joy.
I cannot express in words what my daughter means to me. Though I scold her and also get frustrated sometimes with her. When she is with me, I feel that I need my space too but when she is away I wait for her to be back with me soon. I think that is what being a mother is.
I am sure other mothers would also have their reasons too. Feel free to share, so we enjoy motherhood by learning about each other.


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