Elanic – The App I Use To Buy & Sell Pre-loved Fashion.

Aren’t mothers always in a dilemma about what to do about the outgrown clothes of our kids? I am a shopaholic mom. I keep shopping for my little one and my daughter outgrows those clothes soon. Then I have this major task on hand to donate those clothes and to keep re arranging the wardrobe.


Being an impulsive shopper, I sometimes buy stuff which keeps lying in the wardrobe only after wearing it for a couple of times. Recently I lost weight and I had so many ill fitting clothes lying in my wardrobe and a dilemma of what to do with them. Though I donate my daughter’s clothes but wasn’t sure about my clothes.


Also it is not only about clothes. Once I bought few bed sheets and realised later that it wasn’t of an ideal size for our bed and is just lying unused. Similarly once I had to attend a party and didn’t have a matching earring. I do not wear accessories a lot so I didn’t have many, plus since I don’t wear fashion jewellery; I find it a waste of money to invest in new ones just for matching it with the outfits.


I know many women will be nodding their heads in affirmation and will resonate with these issues.  Don’t worry! I have found an answer to all this problems. I have just discovered an amazing app as a solution to my dilemma.

About Elanic


Elanic is a social media mobile app for buying and selling of pre-loved fashion. Elanic app is wherein women can upload products from their closet or store.  Elanic is available on both android and ios systems. Elanic charges a minimum commission on sales and a nominal delivery charge.



In order to upload your pre loved fashion items, download the app and create your profile. Start uploading pictures of the products you wish to sell. Update the information like the brand, price and specifications about the product. Once it’s approved by the team at Elanic your products will be up for sale on the app. You will need to put up minimum of 5 products to put your closet on sale. You will receive an e-mail immediately once your item is approved and also a notification on the app.

In event of a sale transaction, the sale amount is transferred into the seller’s Elanic wallet after 3 days. The amount is transferred after 3 days in order to address any issue arising after the buyer receives the product and to facilitate return .If the seller wishes they can either cash out the amount to bank account or use the wallet for other purchases on Elanic.

In case the sale amount is less than Rs 300,the seller needs to get in touch with the customer care for the formalities.



The products are classified under various categories.

  • Clothing
  • Bags
  •  Accessories
  •  Footwear
  •  Beauty
  • Babies & kids
  •  Home decor
  • Books
  • For him (Men’s wear & Accessories)
  • Everything else (Others)


User friendly:


Elanic app is one of the most user friendly app I came across. It is extremely easy to upload the items and very convenient for use. Especially for mothers who are always in shortage of time, Elanic is very useful. No need to visit malls for small needs and requirements. Products are picked up and delivered at your doorstep without much fuss.


My Experience with Elanic:


There are numerous products available on the app. This makes the search for buying also easier along with putting items on sale. I uploaded few of my daughter’s outfits on sale on the app and my products were approved in a matter of minutes. I also received inquiry in couple of hours, which shows that many women are actively using Elanic. It was a satisfactory experience for me to use this app.



Download the app if you are always confused about the products lying unused at home and are just taking up lot of storage space.


Share your experience after using the app too. Elanic strives at improving consumer experience with your valuable feedback.


Enjoy Shopping!!!

Disclaimer: The views expressed here about Elanic are of my own and after using the app personally.  I have not received any monetary compensation for this post.


29 thoughts on “Elanic – The App I Use To Buy & Sell Pre-loved Fashion.”

  1. After reading your review about the Elanic app, it seems like a convenient platform for buying and selling pre-loved fashion. I would love to try it.

  2. I want to sell my old stock of warm clothes please help me in this I have a huge no.of clothes which are highly branded & very good in fabric but I am enable to sell them plz help me I’d anyone here to help

  3. I have three bags filled with unused clothes lying in my house. Had heard about Elanic but wasn’t sure how good it was. thanks to you, I feel I could venture and sell my clothes here. You’ve covered all the bases so, that’s really helpful 🙂

  4. I am so glad I read this!
    I have so much stuff, some still in their store wrapping, taking up space at home. Shall try Elanic after reading your helpful post.
    Thanks for sharing, Aesha.

  5. This looks very intresting! Didn’t have any luck with other similar apps? Let’s see how this is 🙂 thx for sharing.

  6. Wow just fabulous app. Never heard about this app. It’s very useful for ladies and girls specially who wants each and every thing related to hers on reasonable price. It’s a best place for purchasing and selling pre used items. I will sure download it and will use it. Thanks for sharing this fantastic app

    1. I also did that and sometimes she would tell me that all of my pants and tops are of no use to her. I know donating is definitely the better option , however when information regarding this app was shared with me I felt it’s a good option as I can then use to money to buy something else or donate it.

  7. I never heard of this App, The post is really nice and it shares the detailed review of the application. Will head to the app Elanic now. Thanks for the information here.

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