The Resources I Use For My Blog.

I have a habit of writing regularly way before I started to blog. My writing journey began when I was 8 years old. I used to maintain a daily journal and wrote to share my joys and sorrows. I have smiled while writing and shed tears too.

Life went on and my diary became my closest friend. Then that special day arrived when I embarked on to the motherhood journey. I had so much to share and I wrote about it in my diary but had many queries and doubts about parenting.  Here I felt a need for an ear to hear and a shoulder to lean on. Though I had the support of my family and friends, I wanted a neutral and unbiased opinion. That made me start blogging.

I started my blogging journey on a leading parenting platform of India where a parent was free to share thoughts about parenthood without the fear of being judged. This was a stage in my life where I was very low on confidence and unsure about myself. Blogging got me my lost confidence. I again started believing in myself and my strengths. Other mothers started pouring their hearts out when they resonated with my doubts as a parent. They shared their stories of having experienced similar challenges with me. This experience gave birth to my second baby- my own parenting blog.

So for the Day 2 prompt wherein, we have to write about the resources we have or use, I would like to mention my daily experiences as a mother as the primary resource for my blog. Also, my friends share their parenting stories with me which I incorporate in my blog. I like to research on any topic before I post an article so I do refer to the internet and few parenting books.

My blog was conceived a year back and it is yet in the formative years so I refer to other parenting blogs to look for topics which are of importance to parents. In the process, I have made friendships and connections with fellow bloggers whose work is a valuable resource for me.

I did the designing of the blog completely by myself trusting my creative instincts. In the process of writing meaningful content for my reader who is essentially a parent, I learnt that the blog should appeal the reader visually too. So I started using free images from Pixabay. I also learnt about Canva and use it to create templates for Instagram and Twitter.

Which resources do you use? Do share your inputs as my baby is learning to walk and would love your support.



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24 thoughts on “The Resources I Use For My Blog.”

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  2. Aesha, this is a good piece you have written. Felt really proud of you when I read you designed the site all by yourself. Here’s wishing the best for your blog. I’m a parent too and really look forward to reading your pieces regularly.

  3. That’s a beautiful take on the prompt. I started blogging when I wanted a relief from the mundane life. Loved your blog, esp when came to knew that you did everything by yourself. Keep growing.

  4. Lovely post Aesha justl like you are! 🙂
    I use canva and recently started using few apps for my Instagram! I love the logo and look of your blog, we should trust our instincts ?

  5. Its really amazing how blogging helped you get back your lost confidence! Keep blogging 🙂 I too have shared a few resources that I use for my blog today!

  6. Early Motherhood time is a difficult one. The society expects a woman to slip into the role of a mother automatically and effortlessly as soon as she delivers the baby but it is never the case. I have been there. My blogging journey also began on similar grounds. Pixabay and Pixlr are what I depend on for images and editing images respectively.

  7. When I started to write for Monday Morning Moments, I realised that parenting is the primary resource for many of my blogs because I have self experienced it all.

  8. Wow Aesha I loved your take on the prompt and as a friend I am thrilled to see how you earnestly you invest in your blog and grow it. The best part is your quality of taking other bloggers along as you openly share information and best practices for blogging. I am so happy to have connected with a genuine person like you through blogging. (The twitter share is not embedded here, please do fix that my friend)

    1. Thanks a ton Akshata. I believe no one can snatch from you what is written in your destiny. I firmly believe in sharing any information would could be of any help to anyone who is known to me. What goes around , comes around! And I made wonderful friends in the process. I will fix the twitter link. Thanks dear.

      1. Thanks dear Aesha. I think the setbacks in life have made me stronger and I have realised how important it is to have confidence in oneself.

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