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V Is For Vulnerable

V Is for Vulnerable My childhood experiences taught me that I need to hide my weakness otherwise I will be bullied. You know when you are a group of friends with an odd number count and you are the one no-one wants to pair with. This happened a lot with me during my childhood. Also …

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B Is For Breathing

B Is for Breathing I was very anxious the entire day yesterday. I am supposed to travel to Ahmedabad from Bengaluru tomorrow and needed to get RT-PCR test done. And since I travelled back from Coorg only yesterday, there was no way I could get the test done earlier. Entire afternoon was spent yesterday looking …

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What To Do For A Serene Space?

Complex circumstances, difficult situations, maintaining a work-life balance, pressure of being relevant in the society makes it difficult to keep anxious thoughts away. It is not always easy to keep the mind calm and away from negative thoughts. Life can be chaotic. But to increase efficiency it is extremely necessary to calm the mind. The past …

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Are you Worried And Anxious All The Time?

A couple of days back, I shared a post on  aeshas_musings on Instagram about anxiety issues that women face. I received many messages by women sharing the turmoil that they go through in their daily life but are apprehensive about sharing it openly. Few even shared that this is a topic which needs to be …

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The Importance Of New Moms Social Life

Being A New Mom Is Fighting Plenty of Worries Motherhood can be daunting. New moms feel stressed out by over thinking on challenges of motherhood. But I also believe it depends on our perception, how we perceive our life to be after motherhood. When I look back on the early days of my own motherhood …

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How To Deal With Blue Days

  As mothers we quite frequently experience blue days. Here is Jessica Hayward’s article on ways to deal with those blue days. Its the second post for the mommy bloggers party we launched for the month of April. How To Deal With Blue Days: Not If, But When They Happen Please visit the link and …

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