6 Top Skincare products from Ponds that you should get your hands on

If you have decided to make skincare your priority, you need to rely on the best brands. Buying drugstore skincare products isn’t the wise thing to do because they can harm your skin in irreparable ways. However, if you are looking for the best products that will suit your skin, Ponds is the only reliable brand to lay your hands on. 


With constant advancements in the field of skincare, Ponds has grown by leaps and bounds. With customer satisfaction being their topmost priority, this brand churns out skin-friendly products. Since every skin is different, this brand has skincare products for all skin types. Ponds ensure the best skin care products for all skin types: oily skin, dry skin, or combination skin. If you want to follow a healthy skin care regimen, consider including Ponds skincare products for fruitful results and maximum satisfaction.


If you want to know which are the best Ponds skincare products, read the below list.


  1. Ponds super light gel:

If you fret applying moisturiser due to your oily skin, Ponds super soft gel is the perfect product for you. Since this is not a cream-based moisturiser, you can apply it to your face since it is non-sticky and non-oily. As it contains hyaluronic acid, it will keep your skin hydrated all day. It also acts as a sunscreen and protects your skin from sunburn.


2. Ponds pure detox anti-pollution + purity face wash:

It will remove all the impurities from your skin from deep within with deep cleansing properties. This skincare product has activated charcoal in it, which means it will exfoliate your skin, reducing blemishes and acne. This product is lightweight, lathers well and has a pleasant fragrance. 


3. Ponds Rejuveness anti-wrinkle cream:

If you’re looking for an anti-wrinkle formula, this is the perfect product for you. This ideal face moisturiser contains alpha hydroxy acid and collagen, which will boost your healthy skin, thus, eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. It moisturises your skin profoundly and absorbs all the excess oil, making your skin feel soft and clean. As this is dermatologically tested, it is ideal for daily use.


4. Ponds Dreamflower Fragrant Talc:

If you need an instant burst of freshness, this is the right product to look out for. After you step out of the shower, applying just a tiny amount of this pink lily infused talcum powder will work wonders for your skin. With long-lasting fragrance and a matte finish, this talc ensures you feel refreshed throughout the day.


5. Ponds Bright Beauty Day Cream:

Step out looking fresh and bright every time with this fantastic daycare cream. Because it is non-greasy and skin-friendly, you can apply a coin-sized amount of this cream to get radiant looking skin in minutes. It comes infused with an SPF, while its gentle formula minimises the appearance of dark circles and dark spots.


6. Ponds White Beauty Sun Dullness Removal Daily Facial Scrub:

Say goodbye to dark spots and dullness and say hello to radiant skin with this amazing product. It will even out your skin tone because it contains tan solve beads that will exfoliate and purify your skin.


Ponds is the ideal brand to rely on if you need the best skincare range.


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