Remo: The Autobiography of Remo Fernandes- Uncover Remo Life Journey

Remo: The Autobiography of Remo Fernandes- Uncover Remo Life Journey


Since last year, I have had a newfound interest in reading memoirs and autobiographies. And after reading more non-fiction and real stories of real people, I have learnt so much about varied cultures, countries, people, places and it has been extremely enriching as well as a fascinating experience.


Music and reading have always been my favourite way to spend my alone time. I find both -therapeutic. And so when I learnt that Remo Fernandes has written his autobiography, I was keen to read it because well, the 90’s kid has not grooved ‘Humma Humma’. And while I only knew Remo because of his Bollywood hits, I was keen to know his story, learn more about his life and thus I picked up his book, ‘Remo: The Autobiography of Remo Fernandes.


About the Author


Remo Fernandes was born in Goa and grew up there in the 1950s and 1960s. He studied architecture in Bombay, busked and hitch-hiked his way through Europe and North Africa as a young man, and returned to Goa in his mid-twenties, with a resolve to pursue only the things he loved: music, art and writing. 

His success with his first home-produced albums led to widespread fame and stardom. His chart busting film songs and his albums were landmark hits for a generation of listeners. His innovative musical journey continues to this day: he recently composed and recorded a full-fledged opera on Mother Teresa. 

Now in his late sixties, Remo divides his time between his ancestral home in Siolim, Goa and Porto in Portugal.



About the Book


Remo Fernandes in his autobiography takes the reader through his life right from his childhood, sharing stories of his parents, family members, neighbours and makes us a part of his life. His memoir is filled with his life stories of professional success and challenges as well as personal triumphs and tragedies. Also, as much as the book is about Remo’s life, it is also his ode to Goa. Goa’s history is at the centre of his stories. The book is a complete chronicle of Remo’s life with hundreds of photographs and sketches from his personal collection.



What I Liked


I am so glad I read this book. Otherwise I wouldn’t have known the real Goa. I saw Goa through the eyes and words of Remo Fernandes. Goa was a revelation, it’s no longer just a tourist destination for me. Remo shares so passionately about the pre-independence Goa with its Indian-Portuguese residents and their lifestyle. The love for his roots is so evident through Remo’s description of Goa while sharing his childhood memories of growing up in Goa with the readers.


While there is passion, there is also warmth and humour in his words, making it a joy and fun read. I found his writing style to be lucid and visual, written with wit and humour, this sure is an engaging read.


I leave you with Remo’s words- if not my review, this will surely make you pick up the book to read.


I sit, I think, I write my story of longing, of long ago
I try to fit a lifetime in a hundred and fifty thousand words, blow by blow.

– Remo, on writing his autobiography, from his song ‘Keep the Faith’






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