Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls- Book Review

‘Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls!’ – This title for a book intrigued me.

There is no dearth of fairy tales books and fiction but very few in the genre of non-fiction books for children. And this is about being a ‘Rebel’- that sounded interesting to me and I bought it from Amazon for my daughter.

About the book

‘Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls’ written by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo is a book about 100 remarkable women achievers. From Activists to Warriors, Ancient philosophers to Modern sportswomen, from Opera singer to Rapper; the stories are of inspirational women from across time and cultures. The book introduces the reader to their struggles and their achievements. Each of the remarkable achievers has an empowering story to share.

The most unique feature about the book is its full-size portraits of the achievers alongside their story by 60 female artists.

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Ideal age of the reader

This book is ideal for a child over the age of 4 years and even adults will enjoy reading the stories. It’s good for a read aloud or independent reading both for girls and boys.

Though the title suggests it’s for girls, I feel it’s important that parents of boys also buy this book otherwise it defeats the purpose of making the future generation rise above gender discrimination.

 What I liked the most about the book

The book has a fairy tale structure and that makes it an easy and an interesting read. It has a brief overview of each achiever and is not a very lengthy read. The stories send a strong message to aim higher, dream bigger and strive harder to achieve the unfathomable. My daughter likes to draw a lot, so the portraits grabbed her attention and interest. Later she read the stories of grit and determination of women and she also replicated the portraits.

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This book is an ideal gift and I highly recommend it for every girl and boy.


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Excerpts from the Preface:

‘No matter the importance of their discoveries, the audacity of their adventures, the width of their genius-they were constantly belittled, forgotten, in some cases almost erased from history.’

-Elana Favilli

-Francesca Cavallo

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Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls – Buy From Amazon

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