The Tomato Thief- Book Review

I will start writing my review here with an honest disclaimer. ‘The Tomato Thief’ is written by my best friend from childhood Niyatee Parikh Sharma and it is her debut as an author. This book has a special importance for me and this review is extremely special too. But I do understand that I have a responsibility towards my readers and so I would like you to know that all the views expressed by me here are completely unbiased.

The Tomato Thief

About the Author:

Apart from being my best friend, Niyatee is an Interior Architect by profession and has designed Store Interiors and Children’s furniture. She loves reading stories to her children and that inspired her to write for them too.

About the story:

The story is about Veer who loves gardening and has planted a tomato plant in his terrace garden. Veer is disappointed when he sees that ripe tomatoes which he plans to pick are missing. The story progresses as Veer tries to decode the mystery.

Ideal age of the reader:

This book is ideal for a child over the age of 3 years. A great read aloud picture book, parents can read aloud this book to kids below the age of 3 years too and it has very attractive illustrations. A child of the age of over 5 years can read the book independently quite easily as the author has used simple language.

What I liked about the book:

The book is apt for new readers. The size of the book is just right for a picture book for young children. It is easy to hold. The font type and its size are ideal for children to read.

The book sends a message about the young boy’s love for nature and enjoying activities like gardening. As he tries to solve the mystery it shows his quality of determination. Without giving away too much about the story, I would like to recommend this book to parents of young readers.

I would make a special mention about the illustrator of the book Alankrita Amaya. The best feature of the book are the illustrations.

I have previously reviewed Spark Creativity And Vocabulary With Picture Prompts which also has Alankrita as one of the illustrator and do check out my review on it too.

About the illustrator:

Alankrita Amaya is also a designer and a children’s book writer apart from being an illustrator. Her love for picture books since her childhood has made her take up writing and illustrating children’s books professionally.

Do share your feedback on the book here on the blog or can share it with Niyatee on her Instagram profile.

You can buy this book from Amazon- The Tomato Thief

Author’s Note: This is not a sponsored post. The book has been sent to me by the author of the book as a gift.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. 

39 thoughts on “The Tomato Thief- Book Review”

  1. Sharvari Paivaidya Mehan

    This is such a beauti ful story. Now you will be surprised but last summer I had planted tomatoes i n my garden and one fine day they went missing off the shrub. Our assumption was the neighbours cat ate it but I really feel the story of the book is too close to reality ?. Will check it out

  2. Its heartening to see that so many people are coming up with new books for kids. It is a sign of the very important shift that it happening in our culture that encourages reading to no end.

  3. I have always loved children’s books, one because they have really vibrant illustrations and takes you back to those days when your imaginations where on the peak. Loved the review.

  4. Aesha, this book seems to be so good and children’s favourite. When I did creative writing course, I wrote a small fiction for children as a task. I totally understand that writing for children is not an easy task.

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