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Exploring Your Options: Resources for Career Research

All through the month of April, I have been sharing tips for students to help them prepare for their career on my blog. In my earlier blog posts, I have written about the importance of accessing a student’s interests, passions and personality to help make an ideal choice of career. 

Another important step in the process to make a decision about the career that would be best suited is to explore various career options.

The process of exploring options involves looking through a list of careers and performing some research to see exactly what that career path entails. The goal of career exploration is to perform your due diligence to learn more about your options and narrow down your choices to one career path that fits you best. 

But, which are the resources that you can refer to. Internet is a vast ocean of information. So, you might land up on information that won’t be relevant for you.  Also, the information on careers should be in a concise form and  explained in a manner that can be easily understood by a student. 

Thus in this blog post, I will be sharing resource links which will be helpful to students in exploring and researching about various careers.

Foremost, on the list is the Career library on my website. Here you shall find information of 3000+ careers, explained in a very lucid language and details. 

EduCareer Guide Career Library 

Last year for the Blogchatter A2Z challenge, I had shared information on various careers which can be read under the category of Education & Career.

Other resources :


Candid Career


My Next Move

Occupational Outlook Handbook



Exploring career options can provide you with clarity about your next steps, whether you’re a high school student, a new graduate and unsure where to work or you’re in a career but are thinking of a new path. Do your research, match your findings with your career interest and personality before finalising your career roadmap. If unsure, take help of a career counsellor. 

Hope these tips help you in your career exploration process.


This post is written for Blogchatter A2Z 2023 

6 thoughts on “Exploring Your Options: Resources for Career Research”

  1. I know it is a strange request but consider me as a special case, Aesha.I am 59..active but lonely and want to get out of the house for a few hours meet people…from 9 to 2 maybe or 10 to 2….please let me know if there is any option. I am in Hyderabad

    1. Sure, I will help you and speak with other counsellors who work with professionals and also my friends at Hyderabad. Will look for something that will make you feel happy and content.

  2. Google and the mine of information in the online space can be mind boggling for students. On the other hand, specific information provided succinctly and clearly can help students decide better.

    1. That is true, Anshu. students are now learning that it’s always better to discuss with teachers and counsellors before relying on info available on internet.

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