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Finding a Career Counsellor: Why Counselling is Crucial to Your Career Development

Making career choices can become confusing and overwhelming as it plays a significant role in shaping one’s future life and everyone wants to be successful. Parents who come to me for career guidance have this concern for their children. They are scared that their children might regret their decisions in the future if careful thought has not put into it. While no-one can predict the future but making informed decisions during high school, right after a student finishes school or college or during early years of the career can certainly give a head start in profession. Many people change their career at mid stage and it is possible but it comes with lot of challenges. So, finding a counsellor who can mentor a student is crucial for career development. 

Finding A Career Counsellor

I equate the role of a career counsellor to that of a mentor.Just as a mentor shares information about his or her own career path, as well as provides guidance, motivation, emotional support to his mentee, a career counsellor also needs to be that role model for the student. A career counsellor helps the student with exploring careers, setting goals, developing contacts, and identifying resources. Thus finding a counsellor with whom you can build a rapport is crucial to a student’s career development. 

A career counsellor helps students with finding the right fit career, selection of courses and universities, searching for jobs, CV-building, interview preparation, and setting up goals. There are various types of career coaching that cater to specific requirements like career discovery coaching, resume enhancing coaching, interview, job search, career development, and leadership coaching.

Benefits of Career coaching
  • Provides personalised guidance
  • Helps identify interests 
  • Helps determine strength and weakness 
  • Assists to discard any career related confusions
  • Provides support and motivation 
  • Provides support in job search
  • Helps with resume building 
  • Provides guidance for interviews 

A good career counselling session is one which provides a student with a secure environment and a trusted professional. Finding the right career counsellor and working with them to establish professional and personal goals has become very essential now due to the rise of many new age careers. Career counselling helps in maximising potential growth and thus the role of a career counsellor is crucial to career development. 

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