Enhancing Family Bond With Our Love For Music

Nowadays, urban life has become very hectic and family time is decreasing. Even kids in the family are busy due to longer school hours. Kids nowadays are indulged in so many new activities that it becomes difficult for each one of us in the family to have the same interest. Spending leisure time together by engaging in a common activity has also become difficult.

We also have varied interests as a family. I love to read, whereas my daughter loves painting and my husband is very busy with work to pursue his hobbies.

However, I remember spending Sunday evenings with my dad playing Scrabble or reading. We had similar interests and we bonded over books as a family. So, sometimes I feel that visit to malls or going for family dinners is not how we should be spending our weekends.

A couple of months back we decided that instead of spending every weekend outside we shall choose one activity that we love and spend more time with each other enjoying that.

Since then Sunday evenings is when we play our favourite music. My daughter dances on her favourite songs and we cherish these moments the most. As we become busy in our respective routines during the weekdays we always look forward to our music sessions every Sunday. Now my daughter enjoys spending weekends at home and never insists on going to the mall for gaming. She has a new found interest in music and expressed her wish to learn to play the keyboard.

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