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I have fond memories of spending my summer vacations visiting my aunt. Her father in law played the ‘Solitaire’ game of cards everyday after breakfast until it was time for lunch. I would sit alongside him to learn the game. A month back, my mother underwent a surgery and she is now required to rest for the next 15 days. Being on the bed could be boring, and that’s when I remembered how everyday Dadaji used to play solitaire without being bored as a daily routine for over 3 hours. 

I started searching online for such games and came upon this site with fantastic games. While suggesting it to my mom, I also started to explore the site and found some exciting and interesting online games. 

I am a big fan of word games too. I enjoy solving crosswords and scramble. It’s a practice I follow since a long time to solve those daily in the newspapers. But solving just one is never enough, so when I found these online games on , I was thrilled. 

There are numerous games on the site, and I am still exploring the site, but thought of sharing about of the few which I have enjoyed until now. 

The ever popular Classic Solitaire

It is a very easy to play but for beginners, the explanation shared also makes it is quite clear and easy. You will find an explanatory video as well, if you would not like to read the instructions. While reading through, I learnt about the history of the Solitaire game as well. Solitaire emerged in 1700’s in northern Europe, however, it came to be known as Solitaire when it made it’s way to USA in 1870 where it became known as ‘Solitaire’. Did you know this? 

Sharing few screenshots here, I am yet to win a game though. But I will persist. You should try it too, it’s enjoyable. 


Letter Scramble 




The Letter Scramble game was fun too. I tried this game because I was also looking for games for kids. My daughter played and I found that it’s a great way to build vocabulary in kids. 

Ace of Hearts Solitaire


Another version of the classic Solitaire is the ‘Ace of Hearts Solitaire’. This game has 3 levels with each level having less time. The first level gives you 10 minutes, the second level 8 minutes, and the final level has 6 minutes. If you close your browser while the game is playing and later want to restart then the game will allow you to either start from the beginning or pick up play with a new deal on the level you last played.

What I liked does not require any downloading. There are no ads, it’s a ad free site, so no disturbance while you are playing the games. It doesn’t even ask for any personal information. The loading is also very quick and easy. There are tons of card games, word games , mahjong and hidden objects games. Which means, there is a game of liking for everyone across age groups.

It’s a great way to unwind playing the online games after a hectic day at work. Do try it, and share your experience in comments. 

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