Do You Trust Your Instincts?


Cynthia loved visiting India. But this trip was going to be her most memorable one. And why shouldn’t it be! She was set to get married in a few days. With this beautiful thought, Cynthia fell into deep sleep.

Suddenly at midnight, she woke up with a niggling headache. Her nightmare had woken her up. Aakash was at his friend Nikash’s agency sipping tea and laughing. She saw herself standing just outside the office. As she was about to open the door, she overheard Aakash say something that came as a bolt to her.

“What a catch, don’t you think Nikash. My entry to the great land – United States of America.”

What was Aakash referring to? Was he a cheat? Should she trust her dream? Or should she trust her instincts that had made her fall in love with Aakash?

His sentence was vague, didn’t prove anything. But what if, lingered on Cynthia’s mind.

I’m Writing Bravely for the Write Tribe Festival Of Words March-2019

Prompt 1: Forgive

Prompt 2: Miracle

Prompt 3: Serenity

Prompt 4: Nurture

Prompt 5: Influence


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