Reminiscing Fond Memories Over A Cup of Coffee

“Hey, where are you lost Radhika? Do you traverse to another world? Why do you worry so much?” Madhav asked. “I really don’t like this about you. Why do you have to think negatively? Stay in the moment. Be grateful for every moment of your life. Use your time wisely and spread love and happiness around you. Nothing is going to happen to anyone of us, ok! Just relax and enjoy your coffee.”

Madhav didn’t like this one thing in Radhika. She always used to over-think.

“Have I mentioned this to you before? He asked. My grandmom used to make amazing coffee too. Dadaji would tell me that she would wait for him to be back after attending his social work meetings and then they used to have that one cup of steaming hot coffee together daily after dinner. Dadaji spoke fondly of her, how he cherished the few years he spent with grandma. Though I never saw her, I can visualize her beauty for the way Dadaji spoke about her. His eyes expressed his emotions”. “Sadly they had a short-lived married life but Dadaji said he was very content for the years were filled with love and happiness.” “You know, he never complained. He faced so many challenges. It must have been so difficult to be a single father.”

“Yet Dadaji was a wonderful father. I really idolize him for the way he conducted himself all his life, for the selfless life he lived. I have spent some wonderful years with him, visiting the slums, where he taught kids. That’s why I can’t say ‘no’ to anyone when some needy asks for my help you know. I have observed my dadaji very closely, spent time with him.”

“Only if I can do half of what he…..

To be continued…

In case you missed reading Part 1 of the story: Disturbing Pattern Of Life!

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge. #2 Prompt: Nostalgic



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44 thoughts on “Reminiscing Fond Memories Over A Cup of Coffee”

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  7. “Stay in the moment. Be grateful for every moment of your life. Use your time wisely and spread love and happiness around you.” shouldn’t this be the motto of everyone’s life. I love these fiction stories you are posting, I so wish to read all in one go…hehehe…eagerly waiting for your next post.

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    1. Thanks Keerthi… I hope to hold the reader’s interest in the next one too!! Encouraging words from fellow tribe members means a lot!

    1. Thanks Sreedeep. I value your feedback. Thanks to Corinne for that, as the prompts are helping me to end it in a way to keep the reader intrigued.

  9. This is too good Aesha. And the end…it’s killing… Can’t wait to read the next plot…

    Loved the way you described Dadaji and how you formed a connection between a cup of coffee and Dadiji’s memories…lovely..

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