Christmas- The Season of ‘Giving’ And A Time When I Get To Be ‘Santa’!

There is something magical about Christmas.

It is one of the most special festive time for everyone.

Children are always excited about Christmas as it is the time they receive many gifts. As a mom I know, it will be the last year now for Mishti as she is already 8 years that she believes in the tale of Santa. By next year she will get to know that her parents are actually the ‘Santa’ who gets her gifts. But I would always want to feed her imagination and make her believe that Santa actually exists. So, this year I decided to gift her something that she would really love.

But last few weeks were very hectic and I was busy with family wedding and almost forgot that I need to gift something special to Mishti. Now Christmas was approaching and as I was travelling I didn’t have time to visit numerous stores to buy something. Online shopping seemed to be the easiest way out and I started by search. In the process I found out a new online shopping site – is a relatively new website but they have products from over 50 brands. Also, they are regularly updating and adding new products. has a prompt delivery system in place and a customer friendly return policy. I received the ‘Enchantico box’ that I had ordered for Mishti in 7 days of placing the order.

While it is similar to the various online shopping sites, I would like to mention few

Unique Features

of the site which makes it different.

Give Back:

While I was searching for a unique gift for Mishti, I found that there is actually an option wherein you can donate through Scift. I was more than happy to find out about this. I felt that this is the most ideal thing to do this Christmas.Christmas gives us an opportunity to spread happiness around and it being the season of giving I decided to be Santa this year. There is a special reason for this, Year 2017 has been a year of abundance for me. It has been a very fruitful year and there is a feeling of contentment. As it comes to an end and as I look forward to the new beginnings I felt a need to give back to the world for I feel grateful and blessed to have spent happy days the past year.

Gift registry:

Relatively new in India, gift registries are common place in most parts of the world. The USP of a gift registry is that it allows users to create a wish list, listing products they like and will find useful. Their friends and family choose gifts from this list, gifts that are actually desirable. Giftistree by is a virtual platform, connecting leading brands with ‘gifters’ and ‘giftees’, thereby combining the ease of online shopping with the functionality of a gift registry. With people not having time on their hands to spend hours searching for the ‘perfect gift’, Giftistree provides a practical and innovative solution to young Indians who believe that smart gifting makes happy people.

When you want gifting to be hassle free, you know where to logon.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I was given a gift voucher of to experience the services of the mentioned shopping portal. However, the views and opinions mentioned are of my own and unbiased.

16 thoughts on “Christmas- The Season of ‘Giving’ And A Time When I Get To Be ‘Santa’!”

  1. Great post, Aesha. I guess when you are a mom, you are always a Santa. Every other day you need to gift your child to something or the other. This site comes so handily.

  2. Sharvari Paivaidya Mehan

    Wow scift looks great. Glad gift registry is coming in India as its a good idea for parents to be to make wish lists especially if they are having a baby shower. This is so good that they have an option to donate.

  3. That’s a cool way! Usually I find it tough hiding gifts till the D-Day as my kids love playing detective! Home delivery of interesting gifts is superb idea

  4. This is indeed a great lead. Next time, when I am planning to buy a gift, I shall definitely check scift out.

  5. This looks like a wonderful site to buy gifts especially when we lack time given the busy Christmas season. So Mishiti has got to know who is the real Santa now?

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