4 Fun Health & Hygiene Activities For Kids

Health and hygiene are two of the most important criteria for quality life and every parent should try their best to imbibe a sense of hygiene and teach the little ones the healthy habits from an early age so that they do not face much trouble later in life.

During the transition period of the child right from the infancy to the toddlerhood, there certain things that she should learn to take care of. Among these learning to count, sharing their toys and listening to the instructions can top the charts but getting accustomed to hygienic habits is up at the top as well since they are going to benefit one throughout life.

You already know that maintaining a great oral hygiene is absolutely essential for your health but how will you be able to make the kids understand this and prioritize it is a good question. The energetic kids hardly have any patience for tooth brushing, nose-blowing or hand-washing.

Well, don’t worry! You can make your kids do these in a fun way. Here are some fun activities for the kids with which your kids can learn to follow the hygienic habits which will make them get a healthier life in the future. Just read on.

1.Glittering Hands For Better Hygiene

Some kids only rinse their hands quickly in water, that too, when forced to do so. But hands should be washed with soap for at least 15-20 seconds. To make your kids do this, you can sprinkle glitter on your kids’ hands and challenge her to wash the glitter off with water and soap. The glitters naturally stick to the hand as they are naturally sticky, and it will take up to 30 seconds for scrubbing the glitter away. Then teach the kid that she should wash her hands, in the same way, to scrub off the germs. This can tremendously prevent the spreading of the germs and hence decrease the occurrence of ailments in children to a great extent.

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2. Good Habit- Bad Habit

This is kind of a sorting game that you can play with your child. On pieces of paper, you should write about 10 bad habits like skipping to brush, not washing the hands for 20 seconds or coughing without covering with hands. Then you should write the good habits in another 10 pieces of papers. After that, you can fold all the papers and place them in a hat. Then you can ask the kid to draw out any paper and say whether it is a good habit or a bad one as far as hygiene is concerned.

3. Speed Races for Sniffy Noses

You may find it quite difficult to have a kid with a runny nose. What’s challenging about nose blowing is that kids just don’t know how to blow through the nose. This makes it very difficult for both of you. That is why devise a fun game to make her learn it. You can just take two feathers or more and then after covering your mouth with one hand, you can blow the feather across the table to the other end. You can have a race after showing the kid how to do it. Whoever can get the feather to the other side of the table wins the fun game. This way the child learns to blow their nose. Once she does that, introduce a tissue and teach the kid how you can make them blow the nose once at a time.

4. Fun with Flossing

The significance of flossing is stressed on by most of the reputed dentists. You can also ask your dentist whom you can find by typing “dental clinic near me” in your search engines about how to do this properly. To make your kid do this, you can make a giant tooth model with the help of the egg cartons. If you are feeling extra creative on that day you can also paint the cartons. Then you can put chunks of play-do in between the teeth and offer a length of the yarn to kids for flossing the hand-made teeth. This way she is going to have fun for cleaning the teeth and retain the dental brilliance of the model mouth.

The above are some of the fun ideas with the help of which you can teach and make your kid perform good health and hygiene habits so that they can lead a clean and healthy life.

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Praveen Singh is a writer and blogger, and a professional interested in sharing interesting ideas with the world. His blogs give a peek into things that aim to inform, enrich and entertain the readers. He will help you to find the best dental clinic near me.

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