Answers to 4 Most Common Questions People Ask their Gynaecologist

When it comes to sexual health, it is very common for most of the women to have a lot of questions which they’d like to ask their gynaecologists. While it is very important to be as open about your queries and your problems with your doctor, a lot of women are not comfortable talking about their sex life, libido, and periods with their gynaecologist.

The internet is a go-to option for such women. If you are looking for answers to gynaecologist queries, we’ve answered 4 of the most common questions in this post.

Q1. What are the different birth control options?

Birth control is an excellent solution for women which protect them from their concerns regarding unintended pregnancy. There are now several birth control options and a visit to a gynaecologist in Hyderabad would help you make the right decision. Some of the most common ones include condoms, pills, shots, implants, IUDs, and patches.

Q2. Should I get myself tested for sexually transmitted diseases on a regular basis?

While this is a common query of single women, testing for STDs is also very important even when you are married. This is because people often have STDs but do not show any signs for several years. If the problem is left untreated, it can lead to serious conditions including cancer. As for the frequency of your visits, it depends on your sexual activity. Discuss this with your gynaecologist and he/she would be able to recommend how frequently you should get tested.

Q3. My periods are generally very heavy. Is this a cause for concern?

It is very common for a lot of women to get negatively affected by the monthly cycles due to several reasons. If you generally bleed heavily throughout your periods, underlying conditions like uterine fibroids or menorrhagia might be responsible. Only a gynaecologist would be able to provide you with the answers after a thorough examination.

4. I have a low libido, and this has now started affecting my relationship. What should I do?

There are several physical, psychological, and relational reasons that are responsible for decreasing sex drive in women. If your problem has lasted for more than a few months, visit a gynaecologist to ensure that it is not due to any physical condition like hypothyroidism or low estrogen. Make sure that you also discuss the medications and supplements you are currently taking with the doctor as a lot of them have side effects which can decrease your libido.

If the doctor confirms that there is no physical problem, a sex therapist might then be able to help.

While finding answers to your gynaecologist queries on the internet is fine, it cannot replace physical visits to a clinic. For more accurate analysis and peace of mind, prefer visiting a reputed gynaecologist in Hyderabad and don’t mind asking anything and everything you have on your mind.

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