A Happy Healthy Happy Baby Needs Both- Ma & Pa #ItTakes2 Pampers Bloggers Meet

Recently I got an opportunity to attend an exclusive Bloggers Meet organised by Pampers as a mommy blogger. Thanks mycity4kids for giving me this opportunity.

When I received a call from mycity4kids to attend an exclusive bloggers meet organised by Pampers on, 12th November at Mumbai, I was very excited to attend it as it was an initiative by Pampers with the purpose of spreading the message that ‘It Takes 2’ which I could very well resonate to. It was very important that my husband attend it too and he did, as the campaign launched by Pampers is all about inclusive parenting and how it takes two to raise a happy and healthy baby. Apart from being present in the event as a blogger, it was more important to attend it as a parent.

The event started by a brief introduction and history of Pampers as a brand by the team of Pampers. They showed a digital video which is being developed on basis of a survey conducted by AC Nielsen in association with Pampers across India’s top metro cities. The Pampers ‘it takes 2’ survey brought out some startling facts about parenting. It was discussed how the campaign will be launched in 3 phases starting with releasing the survey statistics, later releasing the video and will be concluded by a contest wherein parents would be asked to share best of cute baby/papa moments.

It was followed next with a panel discussion and interactive session which was moderated by Ms. Pahul Ohri –chief editor of mycity4kids. The Pampers Panel of experts comprising of Miss Banu Ismail, Psychologist, Child Psychotherapist and Psychoanalyst along with Dr. Avinash De sousa, Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist emphasized on the significance of inclusive parenting for the holistic development of the child. The panel also had Ms.Mandavi Jaiswal, mommy blogger who shared her enriching personal experiences.

Speaking at the event, Dr. De sousa said that it’s a more dynamic era now, and fathers are willing to contribute however sometimes they are not trusted by the mothers. He emphasized that the child needs to be emotionally bonded with both the mother and the father and for that the child needs to experience the warmth of both the parents. During the interactive sessions many mommy bloggers also confessed to this, that they need to trust the fathers more and give them equal opportunity to engage in the daily chores of child upbringing.

Miss Banu Ismail emphasized on the role of the father as birth of a child brings emotional changes in the mom and the child too. She pointed out that when a mother gives birth she and the baby go through a lot of changes and thus the father should take up the role of a facilitator so that the mom and the child can deal with the change and transition easily. However she also said that most of the times the father is neglected as the attention mostly are on the mom and the child and that shouldn’t be so. Children benefit from loving relationships of the parents and thus a harmonious and nurturing environment is necessary for positive upbringing of the child.

Dr. De sousa shared his personal experiences of fatherhood and also shared some funny anecdotes which made the discussion quite interesting. He stressed that in today’s fast paced life when in the cases where the father is the sole bread earner of the family, it does curtail the time he spends with the child, however he emphasized that the quality of time the father spends with the child has more impact on the development of the child rather than the quantity. That solved the most lingering question of our parenting journey, thus attending the event gave me lot of confidence in our personal parenting style.

It was very heart warming to see many fathers attending the event too and sharing their stories and asking questions during the interaction with the panellists.

The event concluded with Pampers showing a video of pregnancy, delivery and that first time when parents hold their baby. It was indeed an emotional moment for every parent present in the room, as they reminisced the day they became first time parents.

We came back hands full with a goodie bag with products from Proctor & Gamble and heart full with loving memories of meeting fellow mommy bloggers and team from mycity4kids.

Thanks mycity4kids and Pampers for this enriching and overwhelming experience.


Author’s Note: This article was originally published on www.mycity4kids.com

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