Are You Eating Right To Stay Healthy?

Whenever I express concern about my daughter’s health to her swimming coach he advises me not to worry because of her rigorous training schedules but take utmost care of her diet. Particularly in the summer months since it’s time for competitions and she has to undergo extra hours of training.

As it is important to maintain her fitness levels at all times, I have to give her a diet rich in all the nutrients and balanced meal options to boost her energy. Being in the swimming pool for long hours, she is susceptible to cold and cough too. Thus, her diet needs to be rich in vitamins which would build her immunity and keep her fit each day.

Thus, my concern is always to give her a healthy diet which would not only improve her performance but also give her a happy lifestyle.

As a family, we are quite health conscious but just recently my husband was detected with high blood pressure and his blood cholesterol levels also shot up. That was a wake-up call for each one of us. We were certainly doing something wrong. Either we were not eating right or not having meals with balanced nutrients.

So, I tried to incorporate few changes in our daily eating and exercise routine.

1. Regular exercise:

The foremost thing I incorporated was at least a 30-minute walk in our daily routine. My husband would walk our daughter to her school daily. He would take stairs and not the lift. Since he is pressed for time and can’t spare a dedicated time during the day for exercise, these small changes made a huge difference to his health.

2. Eating at regular intervals:

I cut down on the portion sizes and started having food at regular intervals. Apart from the 3 meals of the day I started packing healthy snack like makhanas and nuts for my family.

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  3. Aesha, read your article on Momspresso and commented too! Liked the lifestyle changes you made and sure they will soon show on your family’s health too!

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