“The Mysterious Uncle Uh-Oh” authored by Kanika G , illustrated by Mishti Shah

Today, I am at loss of words. And the people who know me will vouch that it has never happened before. I always have many things to say and always put forward my views and opinions that irk many.
But today it’s different. Today I see my daughter’s name as an illustrator for a book written by Kanika and it is an understatement if I say it’s a proud moment. The feeling that I experience right now is beyond the feeling of pride.
I am writing this post to express my gratitude to the author Kanika G for giving my 8 year old daughter this opportunity.
It has helped to motivate my child. This entire experience of 2 weeks where she read the story and tried hard to make appropriate illustrations has been very enriching for her.
Also as a parent I got to know more about my daughter and this experience showed me a perspective about my daughter’s passion. I know now, how to encourage and motivate her to achieve her dream of becoming an artist.
Thank you Kanika for everything.
Here are the links where the book is published along with Kanika’s other wonderful children’s e-books.
I strongly recommend reading children’s stories and blogs by Kanika. I have learnt a lot from her as a writer and a blogger.
About the author Kanika G:
I wrote the first few stories of the Tania Series to entertain my daughter and the character was inspired by her. But I grew to love the character, Tania and she took on a life of her own.
The stories in the Tania series feature characters kids can relate to. I use simple every day experiences for the plots that, though completely fictitious, could very well be true.
The series of picture books, ‘The Misadventures of Little Toast’ is inspired by my younger daughter’s mischief.
I have written several stories in the beginner reader series, that toddlers learning to read, can read on their own. Additionally, I have written some short stories, outside the Tania Series.
I also write poetry, and parenting and feminist blog articles.

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