Top 10 Gifts For This Children’s Day!

14th November is approaching and many of us will be wondering about Children’s day celebrations and gifts for their kids. As a child, I always looked forward to the celebrations in my school and in our society. I used to be excited about the gifts I will receive from my parents.

My daughter is also very excited this year. Every year I get her gift of her choice. But this year I thought of asking my friends about their choices for their kids. Here is the list of the gifts that made it to the Top 10.

If you are confused and worried about gifting ideas, this list will help you decide

1. Books:

There is no friend as loyal as a book’. Books are your lifelong friends. If you ask me my favourite gift its books. I love to receive them as gifts and I love to gift them to others too. And when I asked my friends their top choices for gifting their kids on Children’s Day many of them chose books. So if your kids love books or if you want to raise readers and gift them friends for life, books should be your choice.

2. Gift them your Time:

Yesterday my daughter complained to me that I do not spend enough time with her. She said that though you work from home and drop and pick me up from school, accompany me to my classes, yet you do not spend time with me. This isn’t the way I want you to spend time with me. This statement made me introspect. I always believed I spend enough time with my child, but she doesn’t think so. I intend to change that about me and I will start it immediately. But on Children’s Day, I will spend my entire day with my daughter and do some art and craft activities along with her as that is what she loves a lot and I am sure that is how she wants me to spend my time with her. In the evening we will go for a swim together as just recently I learned to swim in her instance. So gift them time and undivided attention this year on Children’s Day. Children only crave for love and attention. These memories they will treasure all their life more than any material gift.

3. Journal / Personalised Diary:

Writing about your dreams, your feelings, your thoughts and your desires is very therapeutic. I maintain a daily journal since childhood and I would love my daughter to have this experience too. So now that she is 8 years old, I intend to gift her personalised ‘Dream Book’ this year.

4. A letter:

I know you might be wondering if anyone writes letters in today’s age of technology. But I am a bit of old school person. I love writing letters and my daughter also makes for me beautiful cards almost every week. So this year I am going to make her a beautiful card accompanied by a heartfelt letter.

5. Educational Toys and puzzles:

If your child loves toys and has an analytical mind, best gift this Children’s Day would be to give them educational toys and puzzles. Chess and Checkers would be a great gift for them too. Many a time my daughter challenges me to a game of Sudoku. It’s fun to lose to your child. Isn’t it?

6. Gift them an experience:

The weather is just right to go on nature trails and picnics. You can also take them to theme parks if your child loves joy rides.

7. Gift a Plant:

Let’s do our bit for the environment too this year on Children’s Day. Gift your child a flowering plant. Children love nurturing plants and see them grow. Your child can document the growth of the plant over the year. It will also be a very enjoyable experience for the child to engage in gardening.

8. Go on a movie date:

We love watching animated funny movies together as a family. So we might just go on a movie date, grab some popcorn and spend our time laughing our wits out! You can plan a date too with your kid.

9. Gift a bank account:

If your child is old enough to understand the importance of savings, gift him a bank account. They enjoy visiting the bank, having their own card and it’s a fun way to learn money concepts too.01

10. Chocolates and cakes:

Is any celebration complete without sweets? My daughter loves chocolates so I will gift her assorted box of chocolates of her choice. I think ending a fun-filled Children’s Day on a sweet note will be like an icing on the cake.

For more ideas on how to celebrate Children’s Day, do read Top 10 things to bring fun home this Children’s Day by Ekta Chawla of Confused Parent

What are you doing this Children’s Day? Do you have any ideas for celebrating it in a unique way?  Have you thought of any gifting ideas? If you have, do share with us in the comments, we would love to hear from you.

Happy Children’s Day!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All thoughts expressed herein are my own.

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43 thoughts on “Top 10 Gifts For This Children’s Day!”

  1. This is a beautiful list. I particularly like the 2nd suggestion about time. It’s so important to be with our kids Aesha and someone, parents just don’t seem to be doing that.

  2. Great suggestions – especially books and journals – anything to encourage young readers and writers!

    P.S. You have something on the page that automatically place audio – woke my husband up! Remind me not to read your blog at night! 🙂

    1. Thanks Holly for reading and visiting my blog.
      P.S : Sorry your husband got disturbed. But all my posts will not have videos. So it’s fine if you read at night .

  3. Thanks for this list Aesha. In the hustle bustle of daily life I had almost forgotten about this day. How lovely it would be to receive a letter which the child can read even years later. And chocolate always saves the day.. <3

    1. Thanks Nayantara for visiting. I love writing letters a lot. And can’t resist chocolates. I become a child and hide my Cadbury Dairy Milk from my daughter too.

  4. Loved the tips. Lovely concise list of things we can do to make beautiful memories. The most precious gifts are beautiful memories.
    Cuddle, hug, kisses can brighten any dull day. And their giggles and smiles are our return gifts. 🙂

  5. Good idea Aesha.Children loves to spent time with parents. N I think spending time with kid is the best gift .

  6. Great Ideas Aesha. These ideas would work out for kids above age 5 perfectly. I wanted to gift something useful to my friend’s daughter on Nov 14th. She is 2.5 years old. I am still confused on what to gift her. My friend would kick me out if i get her chocolates and she already has many toys to play with! Please DM me if you have any suggestion.

    1. Yes Keerthi! You can surely gift her some art & craft material and also a plant. She will enjoy nurturing it. 2.5 year old will love to dirty their hands in mud and do gardening . Also it’s a great activity to improve motor skills in toddlers. Also you can always gift picture books.

  7. Nice choices of gifts aesha… i like the idea of having a bank account.. wil help them save their money n value it…

  8. Priyadarshani Sharma

    Great ideas. In this day of digital over intereferance its great to see a list of ideas totally devoid of technology to make our kid’s day special. These are all great ideas…I can’t wait to implement some of them.

  9. Awesome ideas Aesha!!! Especially loved the idea of writing letters as I am also a big fan of handwritten wishes. Movies and chocolates are a win win combo any day!! These small gestures create big memories for our kids!!!

  10. Lot of Gud I want to inculcate the habit of reading in my daughter, i think gifting a book will be a Gud idea…

  11. Quite an interesting list of things to do… Will definitely try… I liked the idea of writing a letter… I want to gift something that she can treasure forever… So now I am thinking of writing a letter to her every year. She is just 3 year old but m sure when she will come of age, she is going to love them… Thanks for the wonderful ideas…

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