Spark Creativity And Vocabulary With Picture Prompts

I am very excited to write this review as I was looking out for a book like this for my daughter.

I always wanted my daughter to read and so I introduced her to books at a very young age. When she was around 3 she was very keen to hear stories from me and she read well from picture books too. However as she reached age 5 she got attracted to gadgets and her interest in books started reducing. She is very keen on art so she started watching art and craft videos on You Tube. Now she wasnt reading much but started drawing beautifully watching videos. I didnt discourage her then but as she turned 7 yet she didnt show inclination on reading. This worried me. Though I know her favourite hobby is drawing and that is where her talent lies but I definately want her to read as we know that it is the best way to build vocabulary.

So instead of asking her to read and nagging her to pick up a book, I started to read to her again during bed time. I observed that her attention span was only for initial 10 minutes and then she lost interest in the story. So I started buying books of her choice, enrolled her in a library, took her to book stores. I tried everything possible to increase her attention span. It did help to some extent and she developed interest.

But what grabbed her attention the most was when I showed her the illustrations in this unique e-book.It so happened that I shared my problem in a mommy blogger group and I received mail from Shyamala with a copy.

The book has 40 colourful illustrations created by talented and well known artists. The illustrations depict different themes, events, characters and scenes.
She was so keen now to make her own stories as what appealed to her were the illustrations as that is her interest area. Beautiful illustrations and amazing work of art. This is what makes it different from other picture books. It grabs interest of a visual, an auditory and a reading/writing type of learner.

The illustrations help stimulate a child’s imagination and curiosity. It increases the attention span of a child and in a fun way. It definately increases literacy skills like the ability to listen and understand words but most of all it promotes bonding between you and your child and helps build your realtionship. It definately helped me in making the entire bed time story enjoyable for me and my daughter.

This colourful book is ideal for a child of any age group. As it breakes the barriers of language. The child can use any language to build stories. A younger child can make stories in their mother tongue and older kids can choose the language of their choice. I feel that is what makes it unique.

Here is the link from where you can order the book. I recommend each one to click on the link and grab a copy for yourself and young readers at your home. Its ideal for non-readers too to introduce reading.

To buy the eBook, click any of the links given below.

India: Amazon, Kobo, Scribd

US: Amazon, Kobo, Barnes&Noble, Smashwords

I would also like to share the story that my daughter wrote based on one of the illustrations drawn by Alankrita Amaya in the book.

Here goes:

Lost But Was I Found?

I was very excited today.I was on my way to the market with my mother.When I reached there, I started observing others as my mother was buying vegetables.

I saw a tired potato vendor who had dozed off under a tree due to too much heat. I too wondered why I forgot to get my hat. It is so terribly hot! Its just the first week of March!

There was a tea-stall and I could smell snacks. A dog too must have got that smell so was laying below the table. Just in case he was lucky enough to grab a bite! Or was he a pet dog of the lady who was selling tea? I wondered!

Then I saw a old sadhu maharaj with a long beard meditating. How was he able to do that in so much noise of the market?

I got so busy watching all of this that did’nt realise that my mother was not with me. I couldnt see her around. I got extremely scared. She was nowhere to be seen. What shall I do now?

I saw a young boy with a goat, would he have seen my mother? Should I ask him where is she? Should I ask the tea stall lady?

I started looking around but I could not find her.

Can you guess did I find my mother?

After writing this, my daughter said I shall now draw what happens next and you write a story.

I was so pleased. Now I am excited to build a story around her illustration.

Hope you too enjoy this moments with your child when you read this beautiful book of illustrations that Spark Creativity And Vocabulary With Picture Prompts.

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