Why Do Kids Outgrow Clothes so soon? Dilemma of a Mom! 

Cleaning closets is a humongous task for me and since a long time I was avoiding doing just that, thinking of excuses; primary being lack of time. But now since its summer vacations, I had to get on the long pending task of arranging my daughter’s closet.
While organising it I realised that a pretty pink dress was sitting “pretty” in the closet since over a month without being worn by my daughter as she had outgrown it. But it seemed only like yesterday she was wearing it and now it doesn’t fit her. And then when I got on to it, I was shocked to see the entire pile of clothes that she had hardly worn and had outgrown so soon. Next I started a mental calculation of the exorbitant sum I spent on buying those clothes and the number of times that she had worn them.

That’s when it daunts onto me that I have been spending quite a sum on my daughter’s clothing because it looks so pretty in the display of the highly priced children wear shops. And now I am guilty of wasting my hard earned money as she could hardly wear it since at the age of 8 years she is growing up too fast. Also she isn’t mature enough and does soil her clothes too while eating. So there I was with an entire pile of clothes with stains which cannot be worn now.

Suddenly I realise that there is this also an another pile of ill fitting clothes as sometimes I tend to buy a size larger than her own so she can wear it for a longer time and she doesn’t outgrow them soon enough. And I do all this so I get value for the money that I have spent on buying these clothes for her.

Frantically I call up friends to find out whether they get stuck in similar situation too or I am the only one who makes impulsive purchases for my daughter. I find out that many of them face the same situation as parents become vulnerable when it comes to shopping for kids. One of the reasons one of my friend shared with me was also that as kids attend many activities, classes, parties, play sport and so the requirement of casual clothing also increases quite a bit. Other friend said that she tends to buy expensive clothing with the intention that her younger daughter can always wear them when the older one outgrows them. But it is not necessary that the younger one would always agree to this arrangement and thus the clothes lie unused.

I do find solace by the fact that I am not the only one and most of the moms I know face this problem of kids outgrowing clothes soon. But still that doesn’t change the situation that I am in and I will need to go shopping for my daughter since we are travelling next week and she will need some casual wear clothes.

So now I have an even bigger task on hand than organising the closet and that is of looking for a brand which will have a wide range of kids wear and will not be too expensive too.

And that makes me head towards the mall along with my friends, with the hope that we shall

find some value for money brand which has a new interesting summer collection with bright colours and prints.

Do share your personal experiences of your kids outgrowing their clothes by commenting on the post. Also provide me some answers about what to do with the huge pile of outgrown clothes that I have accumulated too.


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      1. I thought 1 was perfect, then we had 2 and I was convinced we were a complete family but due to failed birth control fate thought 3 was a perfect number! No more – tubes are tied, I’ll be giving away this last round of clothes!

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