A Tale Of Despair And Hope!

Meera’s parents had tried everything they could to cheer her up. But to no avail. Her eyes were full of despair. Will, they ever see her smile again, they wondered? Travelling across the world, seemed to be the last option for them now. Meera had always been fond of travelling. So here they were in …

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deal of death

Book Review – Deal Of Death

I have read Sonia’s work while connecting with her through social media. When her debut eBook ‘Deal of Death’ released on Blogchatter website, it was the initial ones which created a huge buzz with the maximum downloads. I was intrigued and downloaded the book immediately but read it yesterday (I would like to blame my …

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Love In A Marriage.

Today Roma and Rohan had completed 20 years of their marriage. It was a day of great significance in her life as it concerned her future. She had taken a vital decision. But she was wondering how will she convey it to Rohan? Her thoughts wandered back to her 10th wedding anniversary. It was a …

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Love At Mercy Of A Cheeseburger!

I am Ria, a successful Human Resource head at a multinational company. I have the monies and the power to make or break someone’s career. I am also very popular among all the employees in the company. I owe all to my dad. He is my idol and he has made me what I am …

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As They Wait With Bated Breath….

Rahul rushed to the room to see the Paramedics laying Madhav on the stretcher. What happened? He couldn’t believe his own eyes for what they saw! He is bewildered and scared, to see Madhav, lying lifeless. Tears start to flow from his eyes, he can’t control himself! Oh, No! How did this happen? Everything was …

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Is it the end?

Siren of the ambulance was being heard in the neighbourhood. Rahul rushed outside to check what’s happening so early in the morning. He was shocked to see the ambulance outside Madhav’s home. Had something happened to uncle? But he seemed all right yesterday evening. He saw him go for the evening stroll. He had even …

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