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Book Review – Be Wild Again.


Be Wild Again – The title was intriguing enough to make me download the book immediately. I enjoyed reading the book and could relate to it at various levels.

About the Author:

Be Wild Again is written by Rashmi Jain, an IT professional who is currently based at Pune. Rashmi is an explorer and is on an adventurous journey to discover herself through her writings.

Rashmi’s writings have been published on various sites such as Women’s Web, Momspresso, Story Mirror etc. She was also one of the finalists in the Orange Flower Awards 2017 conducted by Women’s Web.

About the book:

Be Wild Again is about Rashmi’s strong belief that women have a lot of power within themselves which needs to be exploited by them to fight against the barriers placed by the society.

She says women must make their own rules and explore the various facets within themselves to live life on their own terms.

What I liked:

I liked that Rashmi has an ideal mix of prose and poetry in the book. Though every woman should read it as it dwells on an important subject of breaking the barriers and exploring themselves, I suggest that men should read it as well as it speaks a lot about women’s thoughts and beliefs.

The book primarily addresses women to introspect their lives and live it without any inhibitions. It also guides them in the manner to do so.

The chapter that I liked the most was ‘You are Enough’. Every woman needs to repeat this daily. Rashmi has written this book as a cry to women to speak up for themselves which is very motivating and is full of positivity.

Also, I like the book for Rashmi’s lucid writing style.

What I didn’t like:

Well, nothing much, just that I wanted to read much more than the 35 pages of the book and wanted that Rashmi would write more on the subject.

All in all, an inspiring and motivating read. I recommend this book to all. Here is the link to download it for free as of now.

Be Wild Again

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