As They Wait With Bated Breath….

Rahul rushed to the room to see the Paramedics laying Madhav on the stretcher.

What happened? He couldn’t believe his own eyes for what they saw! He is bewildered and scared, to see Madhav, lying lifeless. Tears start to flow from his eyes, he can’t control himself!

Oh, No! How did this happen? Everything was spinning in front of him.

With great effort, he asks, “Can you find his pulse?” “Is he ok”? He was scared to death to see his childhood friend in this state.

It’s feeble, we need to rush him to the hospital. Please follow us, the paramedics instructed.

Rahul tried to compose himself with great difficulty. He has to do this. He has to be strong today. He has to take care of Uncle, Radhika, and kids. They depend on him. Madhav has stood by him always. But his legs are giving away. He needs support, he is unable to stand. He can’t see his friend like this. He can’t lose him. Rahul says a silent prayer. Today God will have to listen to him. Madhav is his only family.

As Madhav is wheeled into the ICU, Radhika and Rahul wait outside with bated breath, crying, praying ….

Will Radhika’s insecurities, worries come true? We wait with bated breath, too!

To be continued…

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  6. Priyadarshani Sharma

    The story so far is so intriguing and has me on tenterhooks. Can’t wait to see what happens next…
    Great piece of fiction!

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