How Will I Kill This Monster Illness

This illness has become a monster and the monster has crept into my home. Is this monster here to stay? I always knew something was not right. Why are our lives jinxed? A pale-looking Radhika thought regretfully.
Madhav was lying lifeless on the bed and Radhika was aimlessly looking out the window as Rahul stood by the room. It was unbearable for him to see his friends so helpless. It is going to be difficult, he knew it. But he was determined to make sure that this monster of desolate leaves this home soon.
Radhika’s snapped out of her thoughts on hearing a tap on the door. Her thoughts took the form of numerous questions on seeing Rahul. ‘Rahul, what will we do?’ She asked, questioning the unfortunate circumstances of her life. ‘Why did this happen to us?’ ‘He has always helped other people. He is such a selfless person.’

‘Why would God do this to us, Rahul? Is there any hope for us, now?’ ‘Please tell me, you will do something. Please tell me there is hope,’ she begged.

Rahul felt saddened by the situation but he had not lost hope. He can surely do something. ‘You are right, Radhika’, he said. ‘Sometimes I feel God has been cruel but then I am forced to see on the bright side. I think HE has been kind, at least Madhav is with us, we didn’t lose him. The stroke was fatal, but Rahul is with us, isn’t that a miracle?’
‘I have spoken with doctors. They are giving him the best possible treatment.’ He assured her. ‘I am always there with you. I promise.’
‘I will make him walk again. He will laugh again, joke again, play along with the kids. We will do it. We have to be in this together. But I need you to be strong, Radhika,’ he said with strong conviction. ‘And Madhav, I need your support too, he said sternly. ‘You have to be courageous.You can’t lose hope. You are a role model for me for many others. You can’t give up hope now. Support me, when I give you physiotherapy. Try hard, give yourself the best shot. I am sure you will do this for us, if not for yourself.’
Come on, we will all defeat this monster! He said with determination and hope.

To be continued…

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