My One Hour Experience Of Waiting For My School Bus – A Guest Post.

Today I have a nine-year-old Mishty Sharma, my daughter’s namesake and friend from school as a guest blogger.

Her mother casually mentioned that she had written this essay while waiting for her school bus to arrive. I found her essay extremely honest. Kids are innocent and don’t shy away from sharing their true feelings.

After reading this essay I requested Mishty to share her work with my readers which she readily agreed. Do read and share your feedback. It will be encouraging for her.

My one hour experience of waiting for my school bus.

As usual at my regular time, I went down for the bus, we were waiting for the bus and 10min was passed but still, the bus didn’t arrive. I was watching the street dogs playing near our building gate, suddenly it started drizzling, I love rain so, I started playing with my umbrella and I heard my dad calling me and saying mom has said that “the bus is going to come late”. We went home, I saw that my mom was working in the kitchen, I asked her “can you play with me”? So she said I am quite busy right now go and ask your dad, I went and asked my dad so he said ok and played x and 0. As it was my mom’s favourite game she also joined us, we played three games and the bus Didi called Mumma and said to come down, we went down and I got into the bus and said bye to my dad and then the bus left.

I asked Didi ” Itna der kaise Laga”! So she said, “Kam Chal Raha Tha isliye” then I said “acha isliye”! My friend Miraya had came, we thought to play game so we played atlas, after half an hour we reached school, I was so so so happy that we missed the maths period as it was nine 0′ clock I really don’t like maths, as I went into the class everyone gazed at me and shouted so late ! It was La period going on so our teacher said “quiet !pay attention to the board. Today was my best day as we reached so late and missed the maths period.

–Mishty Sharma

I would like to Thank Mishty for being a lovely guest on the blog and sharing her experience with my readers.

11 thoughts on “My One Hour Experience Of Waiting For My School Bus – A Guest Post.”

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  2. Jasmine Nautiyal

    Hey, so nicely penned by Misty. Really a child’s expressions are amazing whether they speak or write….. true innocence… Keep it up gurl

  3. Really children are very innocent.I like her innocence. One day she will be one of the finest author. All best wishes to her.Great work Aesha!!!!

    1. Mishty is such an amazing child and my fav… She is very expressive and I luv the fact that she is very expressive and straight forward. Keep it up my sweetheart baby.. Luv you…
      Your Chanda massi??????

  4. Well done Mishti!! I enjoyed reading your essay. If you love writing, continue writing about things that fascinate you. And best of luck for your future endeavours.

  5. Very nicely written, you are a very good writer Mishty. loved the innocence! Great work, keep putting your thoughts into words like this!

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