Book Review- Murder In The Palace & Other Short Stories.

I am particularly excited to review Priya Bajpai’s book Murder in the palace and a few short stories as she is a dear friend.

We met through our children as they went to the same school. We bonded over our mutual love for books. Later as we got to talking more about yourselves, the introvert and shy Priya disclosed about her art.

About the Author:

Priya U Bajpai is a short story author and poet, with several of her past work having been published in mainstream newspapers. A voracious reader, Priya loves to quench her thirst for knowledge. When she is not reading or writing, she daydreams about multi-verses.

About the Book:

The book has twelve stories, each one unique from the other. Priya is a versatile writer and has included stories from various genres like sci-fi, romance, mystery and others in her collection.

What I liked:

I like Priya’s refined writing style. She is a literature scholar and an avid reader which is evident through her stories.

The title story, ‘Murder in the palace’, is written very skilfully with interesting turns of events and the most unexpected ending.

My favourite story from the book is the Banon’s Conundrum. It is the most imaginative short story from the mix according to me. Set in 3018, it describes the geopolitical situation through the portrayal of strong female characters.

The collection has a story for everyone.

Priya has a descriptive style of writing but she also manages to maintain an ideal length of the story to keep the reader engaged till the very end.

I recommend this book to everyone not because Priya is a friend but because I am sure you will love Priya’s literary writing style.

You can download it here for free:

Murder In The Palace And Other Short Stories

Author’s Note: This book review is my fourth entry for the Bar-A-Thon on BlogARhytm for my theme ‘Marathon of Ebook Reviews’.



9 thoughts on “Book Review- Murder In The Palace & Other Short Stories.”

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  2. Priya is a fantastic writer. She has a range of stories fueled by her imagination. My favorite story from the book is ‘Nei’s Shoes.’ Glad to have come across her writing through AtoZ.

    Very unbiased review too, Aesha. Well done.

  3. Ah I dint know this part about Priya and you being friends. I met her in the AToZ Challenge and though I started reading her work somewhere in mid of the challenge I was drawn to her lucid writing style.

  4. So lovely. A wonderful review, Aesha. Sitting on the beach in Goa and reading your lovely review. Bliss! I couldn’t have asked for anything more.??
    Thank you, Aesha

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