On Women’s Day, One Mall Is Giving Women In Mumbai A Chance To Celebrate With Their Besties

There are quite a few interesting things happening at this city mall for International Women’s Day, are you listening, ladies? Time to spend some fun times with your friends.

Recently while on my social media rounds, I came across this wise saying, “Sometimes just spending quality time with good friends is the only therapy you need!”

I can’t remember, but that wise person was probably a woman! I say this because March – the Month for Women is here! It is International Women’s Day, and to me, it’s ‘the day’ to spend time with your girl gang.

Most of the time we women balance work and home and do not have enough time to spend with the women who uplift us. I believe that celebrating Women’s Day gives us an opportunity to just be and celebrate ourselves – and our friends.

I usually like to spend time with my friends on Women’s Day. So yes, I have big plans! Also, being in Mumbai has spoilt me for choices – there is always so much to do here. And I am very excited about the various events happening in Mumbai this March. What if I told you that you need to go to just one place to have all the fun and make the most of March?

Enriching…and Entertaining!

While I was searching for things to do in Mumbai for Women’s Day, I got to know that Shankar Mahadevan will be live in concert at the Dublin Square, Phoenix Marketcity on the 15th of March this year.

When I checked out the other events at the mall, I found that there are various engaging events and exciting offers at Phoenix Market city as part of its ‘Power- Women Fiesta’. I might just add that why would one want to limit the celebrations also just for a day when Phoenix Marketcity has plans to treat women the entire month!

The activity that really had the fitness freak in me excited is the Yoga Masterclass with certified Yoga trainers Aashka Goradia and Brent Goble on 22nd March. Health-conscious people would also love to get some Health Coaching with celebrity fitness expert Deanne Panday & Lizia Batla on 29th March.

From fitness workshops, we move on to a styling workshop by none other than Designer Nandita Mahtani. There is something for every woman with diverse interests.

I also found some really fun things to do at the Phoenix Marketcity for March, which really would be a great way to spend some quality time with your besties and make special memories for life.

There is an art masterclass with Brinda Miller to bring out the artist within you. Art is therapeutic and it’s a great way to release the stress most of us suffer from. This workshop is going to be conducted on 14th of March at Phoenix Marketcity.

To read more and check out more on the events at Phoenix MarketCity for March, click on the link below.

Womens Web

Author’s Note: This post was originally written for Women’s Web on their website in collaboration with Phoenix MarketCity.

P.S. Also, If you are feeling exhausted due to mommy duties and want to do relax this Women’s Day, try the ideas that work for me.

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  1. This sounds like fun, Aesha, so many events happening under one roof. If only today was a holiday I could have taken my daughter along with me and would have celebrated this day at the mall.

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