I Am Up For The 2018 Reading Challenge! Are You?

Whenever anyone asks me what I love the most. My answer is always, ‘I Love reading’. I even start my bio with ‘I am a reader’. But I also mention in the same bio that ‘I am a mother’. When motherhood happened, my responsibilities increased, and I haven’t been reading as much as I used to 10 years back. Family responsibilities sometimes did become an obstacle of sorts to pursue my love of reading. Over a period I have read fewer books.

My dad used to tell me that at age of 3 years, I used to imitate my great grandfather while he read. So that’s when my love for books began. That’s why I never thought I would require a reading challenge to motivate me to read. But that is how the situation is right now.

Also, after I started active blogging last year, I have been reading more blogs and reading fiction has reduced. So, when I read about this challenge by Corrinne, I thought of taking it up immediately. I am going to start slow so I have taken up a challenge to read 6 to 10 books over the year but hope to read more.  I have activated my GoodReads profile which was dormant for more than a year and I am up for this challenge.

Have you ever felt that family responsibilities or parenting responsibilities don’t leave you with time to pursue your hobbies?  Would you like to join in? If yes, you can find all the details here on Corinne’s site: 2018 Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge


6 thoughts on “I Am Up For The 2018 Reading Challenge! Are You?”

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  2. Same pinch, Aesha! I love reading too! I try to take out time for reading, though it’s not always enough! Now, that my daughter has, thankfully, started reading on her own, I get more time to read my genre of books. However, I must admit, I do like to read her books too. A pity, we didn’t have as many books when we were growing up.

    1. That is true.. we didn’t have access to so many books. I guess that is because Ahmedabad doesn’t have a reading culture. I remember it was so difficult for me to look for a library after I got married. Finally took up membership at British Library.

      1. I remember going to Gyanprapa and British Library..Thank God, the distances made it easier. In a place like Mumbai, it would have been so difficult. This has been my life long dream to see more libraries and more people/kids reading in them.

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