10 Complaints Teenagers Have About Their Parents

In my experience, while I was a teacher 15 years back and now a career counsellor, I have had the opportunity of interacting with many teenagers. What I have observed is that though over the years the way we parent our children might have changed complaints that the teenagers have about their parents has remained the same.

Here are 10 complaints they have about their parents:

  1. They do not like to be compared to their siblings.
  2. They do not like it when their parents call their teachers without letting them know.
  3. They do not like their parents bragging about them all the time.
  4. They feel embarrassed if their parents share something when they have specifically asked them to keep it to themselves.
  5. They never like it when the parents say, “I told you so”
  6. They do not like parents nagging them or repeatedly asking them to do a particular task. Due to this kind of behaviour, they do not like to do that particular task at all.
  7. They do not like it when you speak ill of their friends. They feel as if you are questioning their choice and do not trust them.
  8. Teens do not like when parents complain or whine about them in front of friends and family.
  9. They do not want unsolicited advice. Again, they feel parents do not trust their decisions. And also think that you are trying to control them.
  10. One comment that they particularly detest is, “I know you better than you know yourself.”


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Be mindful while parenting your teen. It is not the same, we need to change the parenting in the teenage years. More on how to do that in the next blog post so do visit again.

Also, keep communication with your teen always open, they might seem aloof but they want your attention.

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