10 Wishes I Have For My Daughter On Daughter’s Day

We all wish well and the world’s happiness for our children irrespective of their gender but as a mom of a daughter I am always concerned about her well being in my absence.

There is an apprehension that who will look after her later, will she be able to be on her own? She doesn’t have a sibling so will her cousins and friends be her support system?

Such questions keep bothering me.

Once you become a mom every day of your life you live is for your child. So every day is a daughter’s day or a son’s day or children’s day. By the way is there a son’s day? I am not sure. But I strongly feel that all these special days should also be celebrated. Because you never know if there is a tomorrow.
While we do steal some moments for ourselves but let’s accept this that our children are always on our mind and our conversations.
We need to consciously decide amongst ourselves while meeting friends or spending ‘me- time’ that we aren’t going to think about them or discuss them.
That’s what being a mom is. And I cherish every moment of motherhood.
And since today is Daughter’s Day and I am going to celebrate it because I love celebrating special days a lot so here wishing Mishti 

A Very Happy 
Daughter’s Day!!!

Today on Daughter’s Day I would like to share 10 life lessons and wishes that I have for her as well. These life lessons will help her make the right decisions and make her able enough to look after herself. 

10 wishes I wish for my daughter

1. To learn to say ‘no’ to what you don’t feel right.

2. To understand that only you can make yourself happy and no one else.

3. To always keep your heart open to love but also the strength to walk away from someone who is unworthy of that love.

4. To understand that money is just something that fits in a purse. Your true worth is within yourself.

5. To feel free from societal pressure and rise above to be your own person.

6. To understand that sometimes you would not get what you want.

7. To know that a job is not how you make money but how and where you choose to live your life.

8. I wish you forget all the times I scolded you or shouted at you.

9. I wish you have a safe and secure environment to live your life.

10. Most of all, I wish that you always try hard enough and you will always get what you want.

10 Wishes I Have For My Daughter On Daughter's Day

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I am sure all parents of daughters will resonate with my thoughts and echo my feelings. Please do share your wishes for your daughter’s with me.

Happy Parenting!!!


5 thoughts on “10 Wishes I Have For My Daughter On Daughter’s Day”

  1. Excellent points, Aesha. I agree with all of them. Would like to tell the same to Aanya too. I particularly like the 8th point. I hope she sees the love behind the scolding. And realises its importance one day.

  2. A beautiful post. Love 10 wishes. And love different shades of Misthi. She is growing up to be a fine young woman. God bless her with all the happiness ?

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