6 Tips to ease out back to school anxiety

Schools are re-opening and kids and parents are both anxious. Let’s begin the new academic year with more vigour and excitement rather than being anxious.

1. Check own behaviour
First and foremost, calm down. As parents of preschoolers , questions like will my child be comfortable, will he like his teacher, how will the other kids in his class be, will other kids also be crying on the first day, will definitely will be on your mind. But it shouldn’t show on your face as kids sense worry very soon. Be absolutely comfortable with the fact that your child is embarking on a new and exciting journey of schooling.

2. Stick to your decision
It is very natural for a child to be a bit uncomfortable on their first day of school. They do not want to leave the secure environment of their home and go to unknown people and unknown surroundings. As adults, we too have this insecurity about the unknown, so they will cry and cling to you. Be gentle yet firm, and stick to your decision to send the child to school. Nowadays, there are so many exciting activities planned for kids on their first day, they will become comfortable very soon.

3. Roleplay:
Roleplay with your child before they start school. Ask them to play teacher while you become the student. They will have a lot of fun and it will help a lot in knowing their expectations from the school and their teachers. After that, as a parent you can then help them overcome their fears, if any.

4. Start preparing kids
Start preparing kids one week in advance for school. Tell them bedtime stories about school, involve them in buying new stationery, and take them along to buy their school uniforms. You could also take them around the school vicinity to make them comfortable with the surroundings before school starts. Talk positively about school and making new friends.

5. Arrange play dates
Arrange for play dates with their friends before school starts so that they can reconnect with them after vacations. However, even for first-timers, if parents have connected with other parents at the time of orientation, they could arrange for play dates. It is a good way for parents to build a social circle with fellow parents.

6. Share your responsibility: If your child is very attached to you, then ask your in- laws or parents to share your responsibility of dropping the child at school.

Hope these tips helped ease you and your child’s anxiety, and made them feel excited to get back to school. Please let me know in the comments and share your tips too.

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25 thoughts on “6 Tips to ease out back to school anxiety”

  1. vaidehiyoutube

    Very helpful post for the parents whose kids are starting school. I liked the idea of sharing responsibilities

  2. Fabulous Mom Life

    Very good ideas. My two older kids did not give any trouble going to school but I am really apprehensive about my youngest. Will try your suggestions 🙂

  3. This is such a nice post hitting at the right spot for many parents n kids. Many of my friends suffer from this anxiety, luckily in my case kiddo is super excited and wait for schoos to reopen.
    Thanks for sharinh

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