Need a break…. Am I guilty?

Should I feel guilty if I need a break… if I ask for a break? Are moms eligible to take a break?

You might wish to ask me, ” A break from what?”

Not on a vacation:

From being on a break, I don’t mean going on a vacation. Or not being a mom. From, taking a break I mean just a couple of hours for myself. Will asking for some time of my own make me a bad mom? What if I don’t want cook food for a day and just feed my kid bread and butter or some junk food. Do I always have to cook only healthy food and give nutritious food? Will it make me a bad mom, if I don’t feel like listening to my daughter and just sit alone throughout the day with a book.

Do I need to stop watching television as I know it isn’t good for the kids and she is observing me, therefore, would she also ask to watch the TV?

A rise in expectations:

Being a mom becomes tough ever since the day you declare you are pregnant. The pieces of advice will start flowing from all corners. Suddenly your well-wishers will spring up. The aunt with whom you haven’t spoken in years will suddenly have so much to say to you about the dos and don’ts of pregnancy. You are made to realise that your life is going to change. Suddenly the excitement which you had about giving birth will just be drowned under the number of expectations on you for being a good mom.

It doesn’t matter if you are a working mom or a stay at home mom. Nor does it matter if you have one child or more. The age of your child doesn’t matter as well. It doesn’t matter if your child is at school for most of the day. Once you are a mom you are expected to give every moment of your life to your children. It is exhausting to be a mom.

We are expected to cherish every moment of motherhood as this time is not going to come back and when kids will grow up we will miss these moments. Yes, I am sure I will. I sometimes do feel my daughter is growing up too soon and will not need me in a few years.

What I love about motherhood:

I don’t want to break away from the responsibilities of being a mom. I love spending every moment of my life for my daughter. But for me taking a break from being a mom is just to reconnect with that part of me which I was before I became a mom. This break will only rejuvenate me and make me a better mom. I will miss my daughter; would want to come back to her and would want to listen to her non-stop chatter.
Many of you would have gone through this feeling at some point in the motherhood journey and many of you would not have experienced it too.

My friend and fellow blogger Anshu from ‘A First Time Mommy’ who has similar thoughts to mine and shares her feelings in this post I Am A Guilty Mother. Do read her post.

So do we need to feel guilty if we ask for not being a mom sometime? Do put in your feedback and about what you feel in the comments.


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