Growing Up Too Soon, My Child…. Let The Time Pause 

Time is speeding away, slipping from my hands. My daughter is growing up. As she is rapidly turning eight I see that times are going to change. Now she is quite independent and will need me less in the times to come.
Yesterday she was given a task at school, to interview me and find out how responsible I was when I was of her age.

Discussing Responsibilities:

She was surprised to know how I was given various responsibilities at home and school and told me, “Mumma, now I am going to be more responsible. Please don’t pamper me in every way. Let me make my own bed, let me get my school bag ready by myself”. I know I might forget a few things sometimes. But I will learn. I want to be like you.” I was almost in tears when I heard this from her. I felt proud of her that she wants to be more independent and responsible now, but on the other hand, I was even thinking that slowly there will come a day my daughter will not need me. Is this a natural feeling for all moms?

Growing Up:

Gone are the days when she was a baby and she wanted me for every little thing. Though she does seek my approval as of now, however, I think in a couple of months, she will try and be more independent. She will want to make her own decisions. I always wanted her to grow up to be an independent person and it’s the efforts that we both put that today she intends to be that. However, I didn’t imagine this time will come so soon. Sometimes I think when we set ourselves on a journey and just as we start enjoying we arrive at our destination and though we are happy to reach our goal; the experiences and memories of our journey appeal to us more than the destination. I think I have arrived at the destination of Phase one of my daughter’s growing up years.

A few years back:

Such feelings were alien to me when she was a baby. While I was dealing with all the challenges of raising an infant, I didn’t know I would feel this way at one point in my life. I wanted her to grow up quickly as at that time I felt that I was merely surviving this demanding phase. Each day was a tough one. I wanted a minute for myself but didn’t have it. I craved that sound sleep each night. My arms hurt when I had to carry her all the time in my arms to put her to sleep. Now I will miss holding her.

New Beginnings:

A few months back she travelled alone by flight. I was thinking it will be tough for her when she looks back to wave us goodbye, but she was confident and excited to be travelling alone and didn’t even look back at us. It hit me hard. I wanted her to go confidently, however, did expect her to miss me. Though I knew this day would come someday when she will choose to ‘fly’ alone but I didn’t know it will come so soon. It’s difficult to believe and accept that day has now arrived.

Today when I will tuck her to sleep in her bed, will hold on to her a moment more before the next phase unexpectedly follows.

Do you feel the same about your children growing up? Please share your thoughts.

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  3. Oh yes, as a mother to 5 children, 28 years old all the way down to 9 years old, I understand this completely. I can tell you from experience the tween, teen, and early 20s are going to leave your heart broken many times over. Gone is the baby that wanted and needed you all the time. They become independent and act like they never need you at all. But then, years later in their 20s, they come back to you in a good way. Grown up but it’s like having a best friend. They will need you again. Just be patient. They will realize you were right all along!

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