Why My Daughter’s Grades Don’t Matter

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Why my daughter’s grades don’t matter

It is the season of results. I have been reading in the newspapers and also hearing from people around me discussing about children scoring high marks in board exams since a few years. There is also a debate surrounding the results as every board is in fierce competition with the other with respect to awarding more exam grades than the other so that children secure seats in the top colleges of the world. This might be true to some extent but I also believe that children today are so much more focused.

The environment in which they are growing is so progressive. They are exposed to the new age technology and the new world so they have many more insightful experiences than what we used to have as children. They have their likes and dislikes sorted. They have prompt answers and sometimes valid arguments also to support their views. So when they are privy to so much, the role of the parent becomes even more critical and demanding so as to provide them with the best of opportunities and guidance to make them better human beings.

Here I would love to share my own parenting experiences while raising my daughter. I remember very well it was when she was only 4 years old when she developed liking for sketching. It was a lazy afternoon and I was watching the television while my daughter was colouring in the large size jumbo book (or that is what I thought as my attention was in watching the television) . When I did happen to divert my attention towards her, I found that she was trying to draw the picture of the mermaid instead of colouring it. That was the first time I experienced her interest in sketching. She would keep sketching for hours together. Now she is 8 years old and her love for art continues. She always says she wants to become an artist. I do not know if she will choose that field but I surely know that I need to encourage her and motivate her.

So I keep encouraging her by sharing her work on social media as she loves to see that others appreciate her work apart from her family members. Some might think that I do it with a sense of pride or to show off but the truth is that it motivates her a lot.

Another thing I make sure is I do not pressurise her to focus on her grades at school. I am only conscious that she is attentive in the class and is clear about the concepts. If she isn’t, I make sure she practices and is well versed with them. It absolutely doesn’t matter to me what her grades say. Whether she scores an A+ in the said subject.

This year when her results were declared she didn’t score an A+ in art even though she loves it to the core and is very good at it. So for a split second it definitely affected my belief in her but then I immediately regained from it and didn’t point it out to her that she hasn’t aced the subject she loves the most. I do not want to create a pressure on her to improve her grade and lose out on developing her creativity. She might have had completely different ideas about the drawings the teacher must have asked her to do, which didn’t match with the grading procedure.

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  1. It’s hard not to get affected by our kids’ grades. I sometime struggle dealing with them, especially when I know that they are capable of so much more. It’s good to encourage them in activities they love doing, definitely not pressurising them otherwise.

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