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Generally we see mothers in the role of the primary care giver in the family and the father as the primary bread earner. However, I have been extremely lucky as a daughter to have my daddy as a loving care giver to me. I have not experienced the demarcation of parenting roles in my family. Both my parents managed work-life balance beautifully. My mom supported my dad financially and my dad supported my mom to manage the home. Thus I learnt a lot about building a strong relationship from them, which has helped me in understanding the impact of a strong and loving relationship between parents on a child.

My daddy has been my idol, hero, guide and mentor but most importantly he has been my best friend. I have never been hesitant to share anything with him. The most important parenting lesson I have learnt from him is to always keep the lines of communication open with your child.

I fondly remember visiting the library with him as a child, sharing all the school stories, studying mathematics from him, telling him about my boyfriend and having my first glass of wine with him in a steel glass to hide it from my mom. He has been my partner in crime.

So on the occasion of father’s day which is being celebrated on the 18th June this year, I thought of asking him to write for us.

So it’s over to my daddy and his views on parenting.

What is a role of father in bringing up his child?

I always wondered how one can become an ideal father. I do not think there any simple or ideal answers as it would vary due cultural, social, educational and social backgrounds.
The most important role any father can play is to realize their potential and interest. It’s not his son or daughter need to excel in education only while neglecting other virtues or talents of a child. Each and every child possesses certain unique qualities, it is for us to recognize these qualities and nurture them. Such recognition instills confidence in her/him and she/he is better prepared to recognize opportunities and face challenges.
During initial period, its father’s duty to create such opportunities for his child considering her/his interest.
The second important aspect is to recognize creative abilities of a child. It is not necessary that a bright child is always creative. In real life, creativity is very critical for success. A creative child is very inquisitive and innovative and many times, they do not get sufficient attention. It is necessary to motivate them to pursue her/his interest as they may not get due recognition easily. Of course, today, parents are more conscious about such issues than five decades before.

Third aspect is to provide support and guidance, whenever needed. A child should feel comfortable to consult her/his parents, especially during her/his teens. This is very crucial, as many times, in absence of right advice during critical time, she/he may get disoriented. A child should always feel comfortable with their parents.
The last thing, parents should always appreciate good work done, may be in studies, sports, art or cultural activities. At the same time, we should always correct their mistakes, especially when they do it for first time and give them a second chance.

My greetings to all fathers on the occasion of Father’s Day!

Happy Parenting!

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36 thoughts on “Pop Pops The Champagne !!”

  1. As a stay at home father it is great to hear moms talk about dad’s being the car giver. I have also worked but with this summer my wife and I saw that it would be more helpful if I would stay at home with our one year old and 6 year old over the summer. It’s a win win. We save on child care and I get to spend time with my boys and work on what matters most.

    1. This is so amazing to hear. Also I strongly believe in inclusive parenting. Role of both parents is important for secure upbringing of the child. You are doing at great job by supporting your wife. House husbands is a unknown term in India yet, however I hope it changes for the better soon .

  2. Dear Aesha,

    Loved your blog. And your father has captured the essence of what is a dad’s role in bringing up a child. I loved reading his view and now after being a mom can say that I completely agree with him. Thank you both for sharing 🙂

    Neha (Sharing Our Experiences)

  3. Dear Aesha,
    Beautiful post!!
    Its a heart touching message infused with Uncle’s wisdom. As young parents we can surely benefit from it. We have been lucky to have parents who loved and supported us and we hope that we do the same for our girls. Happy Fathers Day!!

  4. Aesha, I like your very much. It’s so vibrant. And yes, I do agree that parents should always appreciate their children and at the same time correct their mistakes too.

  5. In today’s parenting age we parents should give that open space for expression to our kids. As this is very much needed in today’s stressful life. Loved the blog

  6. Nice post, Aesha!
    I agree with all your insights and points!
    In particular, I agree that a child should feel comfortable in coming his parents and sharing the good/ bad!
    Thankfully, I was and hope my kids do feel the same;)
    I also use Pixar pics!

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